These days, I swear by loungewear. With our home as the new office and party destination, it seems like we’re leaning into simple comforts. By switching our jeans for sweatpants, it’s a sign that it’s bound to be our uniform for the rest of the year.

Not only are sweatpants THE new jeans, bike shorts are replacing high-waisted cutoff shorts. Stretchy, but figure-flattering, bike shorts give you the freedom to not feel constricted after a meal, which is why I like to wear them around the luxury of my own couch.

Speaking of tops, I’ve ditched my going out tops for a baggy sweatshirt, which was one of my previous college girl staples. Warm, but breathable, the long-sleeved baggy tee has been so kind to me when I indulge in açaí bowls, oat milk latte and a hearty Indonesian lunch. Also, the sweatshirt has been my latest excuse to cover my cold bare legs inside its bagginess whenever I blast the AC while watching trashy reality TV shows on Netflix.

Last but not least, my trusted Juicy Couture hoodie from 2009 is like an ex you’ve decided to rekindle your relationship with. Although Juicy Couture is more of a nostalgia brand nowadays, its cultural cachet will never die out regardless of the amount of times that fashion has tried to find the next new brand to obsess over. Since I literally grew up to Juicy, I’ve collected a number of hoodies. Out of all of them, my personal fave is the cheetah print velour hoodie, a gift from my parents that I received after they visited my sister in NYC during her college years.

Now that I’ve been so accustomed to staying in, I took the time to make this tutorial for you!

How To Match A Bra With Your Top

Letting a bra to peek under your top is easy in theory, but hard to apply in practice. While it looks hot on Instagram and glossy pages, trying to let a bra peek out in a public space can elicit more than just long glances.

Before you say that this trend can only work on the itty bitty titty committee, I am not here to let *you* shy away from trying out fun and flirty fashion trends! As a fellow DD daredevil, I won’t let anything come in the way between me and my boobs. Since it’s one of the trickiest trends to play out in public, wearing a bra with your top (or as an alternative to a T-shirt) can be done in a sexy, yet tasteful way.

If this is your first time experimenting with it, here are some ways on how you can match your bra with your top:

  1. Long sleeve button-down with a lace bra

Lace bras are my kryptonite and I have to admit that I hide it more than I show it. Feminine and ultra sensuous, a lace bra can add a dose of sex appeal, especially when worn with a men’s button down shirt. If you have a button down shirt, you can loosen up the buttons after office hours to reveal your bra. If you don’t feel comfortable showing too much skin, a longline bra is the way to go.

Savage x Fenty Curve Metallic Lace Balconette Bra, $103 SGD

2. Plunging neckline and a bralette

Dressing up like it’s J.Lo at the 2000 Grammys is still a risk worth trying. While Jenny from the Block prefers to let it all hang out, you can keep the girls inside with a bralette! No matter the color or print, a bralette will always shine with your outfit.

P.S. This look is super wearable for all bra sizes!

3. Metallic top and a statement bra

Statement bras are fun, but a pain in the ass to think about what to wear it with. Whether it’s an animal print, sequin or a vinyl bra, the statement bra deserves to be seen, not hidden! Instead of wearing it with neutrals, amplify your bra with a metallic shirt. Trust me, this will be a POPPIN’ look!

NOTE: If you’ve got a jacket that can double as a top, it will look wonderful at holiday parties, too.

4. Lace top with a matching bra

A sheer lace top and a nude bra has been overdone to death. Tell me, who wants to look completely naked underneath a sheer top?! Throw in a bit of modesty with an opaque bra in a color that matches your lace top.

If the bra itself has some lace, it makes the top look like it’s been built in with a bra!

5. Open shirt with a lace up/halter bra (or bikini top)

Ooh…la…la…this is honestly, my favorite trick in the book as you can literally get all eyes on you here. Given that halter/lace up bras are all about emphasizing your shoulders, and neck, it balances out an open shirt. Regardless if it’s a crisp button-down white shirt or a Hawaiian shirt, a masculine vibe levels up the entire look.

While I, myself, don’t have too many halter/lace up bras, I use a bikini top as my bra!

P.S. If you live in colder climates and still wanna look hot (while being covered in layers), a deep V-neck sweater will be a great substitute for an open shirt!

Victoria’s Secret Lace-up Bra Top, $26.46 SGD
Anine Bing Lace soft cup triangle bra, $41 USD

6. Off-the-shoulder top with statement straps/trims

Remember that time when we saw Regina George get hit by a bus? Yup. She was wearing a black off-the-shoulder top with a teal bra. While you don’t have to be a mean girl to look hot, you can serve MEAN looks by simply copying her outfit! From under your boob to the top of your waist, you can experiment with all different kinds of bras with your top.

If your top’s hemline ends under your bust, let the lace trim peek out underneath. But if your top ends at the waist, go for a bra with statement straps whether it’s crystallized, covered in lace or embellished with logos!

Tommy Hilfiger Microfiber Bralette, $47.95 USD

7. T-shirt with a see-through (or chainmail) bra

Not a big fan of hiding your completely sheer bras? Try it on top of a plain white tee! As your canvas to ANY look, white works with any crazy design or pattern. Just keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Lonely Lingerie Bonnie Softcup Bra, $66.43 USD

8. Denim jacket with a sports bra (or sports bra-like top)

To all my girls living in the tropics, I got you covered. If you’re feeling a little cold after a long day at the beach, a denim jacket is a must MUST! Not only do I swear by it (for almost everything), it gives your outfit a street-appropriate edge. In place of a bikini top, flaunt your sports bra to set thirst traps at the bar!

Vita LA Nirvana Sports Bra, $38 USD
Ryderwear Seamless Sports Bra, $39.95 USD

10 Sizzling Swimsuits That Will Make You Love Your Big Boobs

Swimwear shopping for big boobs is literally hell on earth. From tops that lack proper support to bottoms that are a size or two too big, finding the right swimsuit always revolves around your cleavage. If you have a a tiny waist, bless your freaking heart. To the busty babes who have boxier waists and skinny limbs, I totally feel your pain as most swimwear styles aren’t targeted towards your body type as you’re mainly limited to wearing two pieces.

Despite the #bigboobsproblems, the majority of swimwear styles actually flatter us. Here are my top 10 picks:

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#InspiredbyInsta: Crop Top Baby Tank

Bummed that you’re missing out on Miami Swim Week? Don’t be a bummer, babe: I’m also sad that I’m not in Florida to sit there and witness the litness of swimwear shows! However, we can thank God for the invention of Instagram as scrolling through every show is #outfitinspo.

Last Saturday, I tuned into Beach Bunny‘s fashion show, where it featured some of my favorite models –  Charlotte McKinney, Joy Corrigan, you name it, honey. Not to mention, this swimwear brand is the Victoria’s Secret of swimwear as it’s the launching pad for so many bombshells. (Kate Upton, Hailey Clauson and Kelly Rohrbach, anyone?! 🙋) Must I say that THIS is the brand you must not miss out on? Heck yes!

There were SO MANY runway looks that I enjoyed; however, it was hard for me to pick a single look that topped my head as I really wanted to have everything. But, if I had to pick one to wear IRL frequently, it’ll be the crop top tank top bikini. With a bunch of bikinis (which are at least 15 to 20 currently) in my closet, I realize that the drawers are ready to gasp its last breath. So, I decided to become inspired to do my own take on Beach Bunny’s version!

What you need:

1 ribbed button-down tank top

1 scissors

1 fabric chalk

1 ruler


  1. Try on the tank top and mark the spot underneath your braline (NOTE: wear a colored bra so that you can see the braline more easily!)
  2. Draw a horizontal line with a ruler and fabric chalk

FullSizeRender 23. Draw another line down the middle (preferably where the buttons are at)

FullSizeRender 3

4. Make a diagonal line from the corner of the top to the tip of the middle line and repeat on the other side.

FullSizeRender 4

5. Cut!

FullSizeRender 5

6. Lift up the two triangular strips of the front and draw a horizontal line on the layer underneath the front


7. Cut the last two triangular strips

8. Tie a knot!