How to Hem Your Pants Like A Tailor

Thirteen-year-old me grabbed a pair of scissors and hacked a pair of shorts that were way too ugly. My mom feared the moment I cut across layers of denim. Though I was no pro, I acted like one. Countless sewing lessons later, I still am learning how to do it like a tailor.

Through the years, I’ve always cut my pants across the leg by either folding it and cutting across the legs or using a ruler to draw, then cut. While both methods were my go-tos for quick fixes, I realized that sometimes, the symmetry wasn’t right. To get the hems even, my grandma used this one trick from her book that I will show you on my Reel:

Miaou Raven Cargo Pant:

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Michelle Varinata

Lapis - (n.) a layer Shrek once said that "onions have layers" as he was peeling one. Like an onion, I have layers. Born in Jakarta and raised in Singapore, I grew up being surrounded in a multicultural environment. Then, I moved to the States, where I lived in NYC and L.A. The creativity, hustle, bustle and vibe of those cities inspired me to become a blogger, journalist and influencer. Writing by day and living it up by night, I slay in the streets one OOTD at a time. Full-face makeup included, too. ;)

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