Revolve Picks: Lunar New Year Outfit Ideas

Happy New Year!

I have to admit the start of the month was kinda bumpy, but a lil miracle dropped into my inbox by the grace of God: an e-mail asking me to be a brand ambassador for Revolve!

As a Revolve fan and customer, I’ve shopped with them for years. Their service was something I really count on and I still do count on them for: speedy delivery, easy returns, shopping in SGD and of course, free shipping for anything over USD $100! Their curated selections have grown with me as much as I’ve evolved as a person every year. As brand ambassador, I curate items for you to buy. In turn, I earn cash and/or store credit! To kick off this series, I present you my top picks for Lunar New Year!

For anyone who doesn’t know the Lunar New Year, it’s a tradition among the Chinese (like myself) when the new year begins with the start of the first new moon. There’s a lot of stories surrounding the origins, which you can happily Google at your own rate, but what I love so much about the Lunar New Year is that you get an excuse to dress up for 3 days! Not only do you get to dress up, you also get days off of work (if you’re in Singapore, Hong Kong and China)! It’s like Christmas where you spend days visiting your family and neighbors as per tradition.

If you need any help with what to wear, here are my top LNY outfit ideas:

The Reunion Dinner

Traditionally held at a steamboat restaurant, dressing up is where you can go hard or go home for dinner. Though a house dinner is more casual, you might want to dress up more when you’re outside for obvious reasons. If you’re in a colder country, a leather jacket or coat is ideal to keep you covered. Since this occasion calls for brighter colors, go for an orange. This Kim Shui bodysuit can be styled with a Camila Cohelho leather skirt. Orange on orange can be done right with a contrast of dark and bright hues. If you’re single (like myself), you will be bound to collect a lot of ang pows (red envelopes), so you need a roomy clutch! Anchor it with a Free People slouchy boot for a ’00s inspired boho spin on this look. It’s a lot of ruched details, but it’s so much fun to try out different textures and variations of the same trend in one outfit! I love a classic gold earring to finish off any look and petit moments‘ gold knot earring is the perfect mix of classy casual. Please don’t forget to mask up after you’re done eating!

Visit The Family/Neighbors

Left is for colder climates and right is for tropical climates

Both daytime occasions call for something conservative, yet casual. No matter where you live, you don’t wanna overdress nor do you wanna underdress when you visit the fam and the neighbors. The bread and butter behind every outfit is a pair of baggy blue jeans. You can either go for a funkier style like AGOLDE‘s or a classic baggy wide leg like Citizens of Humanity‘s (a brand I used to wear a LOT when I was a teen!). You can either go hard with a boho flair (think cowboy boots, hobo bag and sweater) or streetwear chic (think sneakers and chains). Count on a pair of Ettika gold hoops to anchor the look. Nothing is more comfier than dressing like this! But if you need to wear a qipao top, try Kim Shui’s modern take on this staple: the mesh top (best worn with a slip inside).

Zoom Call/Celebration with Friends

Since some of you can’t visit your families due to the pandemic, what better way to catch up with everyone than Zoom? Given that you plan to stay at home for that small amount of time at home, best to wear something that makes you pop on camera. I love Miaou and their corsets as they make me look so snatched. Here, their Imogene corset is here to amp up the mood with va va voom red! Style it with a pair of low rise jeans and gold jewelry (ideally huggies and a choker). Keep your feet warm with on-theme leopard print slippers as you ring in the Year of the Tiger with your loved ones! After Zoom, you can wear this fit when you invite your friends over to your place to ring in the new year together!

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