Cute Sustainable Gifts For Xmas

Staying in is the new going out and all the small things are suddenly becoming the new essentials. From toilet paper to face masks, it seems that big bags aren’t entirely necessary unless it’s for the most important grocery runs.

Thankfully, some of us are living in countries where we are lucky to go out. But for the rest of us, it’s unfortunate how y’all have to go through another series of lockdowns. Not letting Miss Rona steal our shine this December, there’s always a way how we can treat ourselves and our loved ones for the holidays. With practicality and sustainability being the new chic, I found some cute gifts that your friends or family will appreciate!

  1. For The Ages Ineva Baguette – $205 USD

Move over, leather. Silk bags are coming in haute for the holidays. With better days ahead, who here is ready to celebrate the end of 2020? After all, winter already came for some of you, but if you want to cheer yourselves up at home while celebrating the holidays, nothing screams a treat than a cute little bag that you can stuff your mask, lipstick, gloves and wallet. Also, this bag is locally made in NYC!

2. Layla Luna Custom Bucket Hat – $45 SGD

Designed by singer/songwriter Joie Tan, this bucket hat is locally made in SG featuring customizable threads, patterns and most importantly, proceeds to go Keep Cats, an animal welfare organization dedicated to cats. Also, I like that bucket hats are forever seasonless. 😉

3. Soeng Signature Face Mask Set – price varies

Treat yourself to one, then a friend or sibling or your mom to a mask set! Happily handmade by me, each mask is made to match with your holder. While some pieces are made with scrap fabric (for the lining), others use Swiss cotton lining for perfect comfort and breathability. A Soeng Signature mask is the Chanel suit for your face. Whether it’s beaded, embellished with lace or plain, each piece is here to spread a little slice of joy to your face. As someone who has Asperger’s, I cannot forget about my own people, who are in need of help with resources, training and enrichment at Autism Association Singapore, where 10% of the sales for each mask set will be donated.

If you wanna order, gotta hit up that DM.

4. Ultracor Mesh Camo Legging – $198 USD

Watch out Lulu Lemon, your new competitor is coming to town. These poly/lyrca/nylon blend leggings are are perfectly bespoke for you. If you’re planning to exercise at the gym, those camo cuties are great to throw inside a bag after you finish showering. What’s great about these leggings is that you have the option to choose between a high waist and ultra high waist silhouette to fake that snatched waistline.

5. Maison 21G Dual Candle – $150 SGD

Can’t pick one? Why not you get two for the price of one? What’s nice about this set is that you can have a refill after you run out. Also, you can match your best friend with these scents! You can choose anything from Rose Ritual to your own scent.

6. Kosas Mini Wet Lip Oil Set – $25 USD

Ugh. Idk where the F to begin. I seriously LOVE Kosas because: A) their formulas are great, B) it’s clean and C) I never get sick of the colors. Since face masks dehydrate my face and turn my lips dry, this lip gloss keeps my pout plump and hydrated all thanks to hyaluronic acid, konjac root, avocado oil, peptides, shea butter and evening primrose oil. It doesn’t feel heavy nor does it feel sticky. It seriously does not need a lip liner to make the color pop. Seriously, y’ll need to splurge on this little stocking stuffer!

7. Rosé All Day Juicy Lip Balm in Peach – IDR 139,000

Glossier and Lip Smackers had a baby and out came this super cute scented lipstick! Made with REAL peach extract, this lip balm/lipstick hybrid is lightweight, yet opaque. Formulated with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and ester oil, this tinted lip balm helps to hydrate your lips all day long. If you don’t like to reapply your lipstick, it leaves behind a natural just bitten tint on your lips.

8. Flora Print – $120 USD

Sustainability isn’t just about the ingredients or what something is made of. Sustainability is all about giving back to the community of people. But most importantly, it’s also about giving a direct line of accessibility from buyer to maker. Just because something is locally produced doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive or cater to one type of market. If you think that artwork and sustainability don’t belong in the same sentence, it’s actually feasible all thanks to Coco Shop, an Antigua-based resort wear company. Though clothing is their specialty, the store also showcases artists who make super cool prints. There’s way more art there like this dope gin print.

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