When Out Is In: How to Make The Most of Old Fashion Trends

A bad tattoo can be lasered off or covered up, but a piece of clothing you wore many moons ago is a permanent reminder of an embarrassing phase in your life that the mind does not forget. As much as it’s tempting to give away half your closet to a younger cousin or older sibling, perhaps we need to be open to giving our old clothes a second chance.

As much as we hate being quarantined, the silver lining of staying in your city is being able to rewear the things you haven’t worn in your closet. While this article has been six months in the making, I realized that with this quarantine, it’s led me to become more adventurous by dipping back into the things I used to wear while I was in high school, college or a few years ago. Even though I secretly fear being “uncool”, the truth is that I’m more comfortable with wearing what I’ve kept regardless of how “out” a trend is.

Rather than let the rest of my clothes decay in the closet, here are some of my favorite “out” trends that I happily rewore again:

  1. Low Rise Jeans

Love it or hate it, the hip-hugging low riders are back! Even though it’s technically still “out”, what’s uncool is always cool again. Since the 2000s, almost all my jeans were low rise. If you thought that only millenials like myself wore low riders, my mom also had a pair, too! Here, I styled her vintage Alexander McQueen bumsters with a graphic tee and pigtails.

You can always find similar styles on Depop, Revolve, eBay or go back to your closet!

2. PVC Sandals

Honestly, I HATE PVC boots, but I love PVC sandals. Who What Wear says that mesh shoes are hot, but in all honesty, nothing beats clear plastic straps across my feet, which I’ve happily indulged in since my first vintage Y2K Chanel PVC mules I purchased from The Real Real in 2016. The clear plastic straps across my feet are what I honestly cannot live without as this trend is one of the best things I’ve indulged in since 2016. Extra points if you’re a short gal like me because this trend has done nothing but to give eXXXtra length to our legs!

Although it’s at the risk of being replaced by the thong sandals or flossy strapped kitten heels, you can never ever ever abandon this trend. Here, I’ve worn my Maryam Nassir Zadeh wedges with tie dye jeans and a leopard print tee.

My favorite shoe brands that carry PVC footwear are Miista, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Chanel.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Anything

In 2016, off-the-shoulder tops were a thing. The following year, off-the-shoulder dresses started popping. Then, the one shoulder came in to sweep this trend outta the game. Although I always liked baring my shoulders, I have to say that it’s more of a classic than an “out” trend as I’ve had more than one item in my closet to prove it. Here, I channeled my inner Regina George by pairing it with a strappy black bra to make it au courant.

Pro tip: Go hard in all black! It’s the best combo to swear by when mixing and matching textures.

My go-to retailers for off-the-shoulder anything are: Bec + Bridge, Are You Am I and if you want vintage, I count on Etsy to hunt for vintage Betsey Johnson pieces, which fit wonderfully at the shoulders. But if you want the exact top like me, it’s Jessica McClintock!

4. Peep Toe Shoes

As one of “out” styles from the late 2000s, the peep toe refuses to go away. Though it has definitely lain dormant, the fact that Victoria Beckham is trying to make it happen is a sign that this might be the first wave of wacky shoe trends that will come back again. Here, I styled my Proenza Schouler ankle booties to match with an almost all black look.

This might be a bit more harder to find right now, but I recommend Far Fetch or Saks if you want something cute and Saksy (pun intended). Otherwise, I’d rather that you pull out a pair of peep toe boots that you used to wear back in high school.

5. Statement Sunglasses

I love statement eyewear, especially if the frames are unusual. From heart shaped sunglasses to 3D flowers, this trend was a staple in the 2010s. I never forgot how in summer 2012, embellished sunglasses were the trend du jour with prices that hiked up to three digits. Heck, I even submitted a photo of myself wearing a pair of red heart shaped sunglasses with a strawberry print Juicy Couture dress for my senior year portrait in the yearbook! Even though I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20, the one thing I love about looking young is being able to get away with wearing this trend today. You can be inspired by me wearing my heart shaped sunnies with an equally playful outfit.

I count on Takesh Eyewear and Rad + Refined if I wanna jazz up my eyes.

6. Band Tees

It was the trend du jour a couple years ago, but lately, I haven’t been seeing anyone wear it much on my timeline lately. However, band tees are just as classic as a plain white tee. If you are new to wearing a band tee, just stick to the bands that you actually listen to rather than wearing whatever band has cool graphics. (Been there done that!) As much as I love music, these days, I only stick to a tee that represents the artists I listen to on my Spotify. Here, I channeled my inner Miley Cyrus by pairing my NSYNC tee with glossy black PVC pants.

Ideally, if you must go for a band tee, I highly recommend scouring through vintage shops. But if sifting through racks isn’t your jam, you can always rock out to Bravado, Junk Food or Madeworn.

What trends are you willing to work on and how will you style them? Drop a comment below!

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