One Palette, 3 Different Looks: Pat McGrath's Nocturnal Nirvana

Let’s be honest: have you ever used what you bought on Black Friday? Unfortunately, we are all too guilty of one thing. In 2007, the average U.S. household has over 50 unused new items worth $3,100 USD. In 2019, a survey conducted in the UK reports that £544 was spent on beauty products, still fresh in the box. As a consumer of beauty products, I hate to admit that I haven’t finished my eyeshadows and because of the scarcity of some products (e.g. Pat McGrath’s Dark Star 006), I only wear them once in a while. As embarrassing as it sounds, I also have to say that it’s because that sometimes, I run out of ideas on how I can wear certain eyeshadows. However, don’t lose hope!

In this series, the first one I’d like to kick off with is Pat McGrath’s Nocturnal Nirvana palette. Featuring four stunning colors, it’s basically a Mardi Gras party filled with gold, aquamarine blue, duochrome green/purple and royal purple. Given that those are not everyday natural hues, it’s implied for night use only. Knowing me, I know that you know how much I LOVE wearing my colors loud and proud during the day!

These are the EXACT products I use to create my look!

Since this was a treat myself Black Friday purchase, this palette was worth EVERY dollar I ever spent on at Sephora as it was a limited edition product. No fallouts, no fades, no creasing, etc! That’s why Pat McGrath’s products have a high price tag attached to it as every single particle is super duper fine, which is why I purchased it to begin with. Although you can only find this on eBay or Poshmark, I promise you that you will never be disappointed!

Since this palette looks hard to wear, I’m gonna break it down on how YOU can make the most out of it!

  1. The Everyday Look
Earrings: Deja Vu Vintage and Sweater: Meadham Kirchhoff

OK, the colors DO look intimidating, but since McGrath made each shade to also be worn on its own, I think that every hue is stunning altogether! Start off your look with wearing Blitz Aquamarine. It’s slightly sheer at the first application, but layer it until you can REALLY see the blue pop. Two to three swipes is all it takes to let it shine.

Then, take a brush with the teeny tiny tip and dip it in Incandescent Gold 003. Ooh yeah, pour that one in! Just paint it on the inner corners of your eyes to make you look more awake – as if you had a shot of espresso! (Or a cup of matcha if you’re allergic to coffee!) Blend that shit out.

If I have to create a transition color, I’d take the duochrome green/purple shade, which I swipe with my fingers. Since we’re becoming super sensitive to germs, PUH-LEASE don’t forget to sanitize your fingers before dabbing it across the center to ends of your upper eyelid! The duochrome shift blends in the blue and purple together, merging it into a crystalized look that’s almost like a fluorite rock.(I own one and it’s actually GREAT to help you focus or heal when you’re going through a rough patch!)

Lastly, take up a super tiny liner brush and dab it on the purple pan. It’s honestly THE best shade for lining as the purple is a non-basic way to dress up your eyes without resorting to black. If you’re bored of black, the purple is a great alternative as it adds more punch to your look!

For the lips, you have the option to do a nude or red lip. I simply prefer doing red as it gives this look a pop of color! (My lipstick is Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Anna Nicole!)

Ta-dah! Look #1 finished. 🙂

2. Date Night Vixen

Earrings: Bagatiba, Choker: Seville Michelle and Top: Vintage Soeng Signature Corset

If you’re single and ready to mingle, going on dinner dates and getting drunk with your potential match isn’t the best thing during this time as we’re supposed to spatially distance ourselves and stay at home. However, there’s always this option to perfect your thirst trap skills!

Better than a pick-up line and forever timeless, the cat eye is my go-to makeup look when I wanna FEEL sexy. (Sorry, Dad!) No matter what your eye shape is, it always widens the eyes.

Before I put on my liner, I like to start off with a nude base. Nudestix’s Magnetic Matte Eye Color in Putty is the BEST as the creaminess settles like powder and it’s so easy to blend. For those who have oily eyelids, it’s the best product as it stays matte. Even if your skin is darker or fairer, Nudestix has the best neutral shade for your hue. Given that Putty has a grayish taupe base, it makes it look neutral on my skin tone. For my liner, I’m using Blitz Purple to jazz up my peepers.

With a flat liner brush and the Make Up Store‘s Mixing Liquid*, I create a cat eye by lifting the outer corner of my eyes while I paint it on. You won’t see much color at the beginning, but use the teeny tiny brush from #1 and fill in the rest of the liner. Ideally, you want your cat eye to be dramatically bold as it can change the shape of your eyes, making it look more lifted without resorting to surgery.

I’m repeating the golden inner corners from #1, but I’m changing the bottom liner from blue to green. Like beauty blogger Temptalia, I basically used an angled liner to line VR Emerald on my bottom lids.

Finish it with lined lips and nude lip gloss! (I used MAC’s Spice Lip Liner and Patrick Ta’s Major Glow Lip Shine in She’s An Influencer)

Once you’re done, send that photo to your crush/partner! (Or post on IG stories if you’re shy!) A little dickstraction doesn’t hurt. Who knows if they’re gonna come running to you? But trust me, nothing sets the spark on fire more than deftly skilled hands!

3. Fresh Off The Runway

Earrings: Bagatiba, Choker: Seville Michelle and Top: Vintage Dior (it’s actually my mom’s, but I just put in the link so you can get it from Tokyo Roses Vintage!)

This is the most extreme out of all the looks I’ve done. I blended #1 and #2 to create my own look. While there are other makeup artists who are more talented than me, I want to show you how you can wear all 4 shades.

As per usual, I’m repeating the blue and gold hues in the same location. Ditto with the emerald, but I’ve lifted the ends of the angled liner brush for a winged effect. Bridge the blue and green shades with the purple by drawing a wing. Fill in the corners to the middle, then blend, blend, blend!

Finish off the look with a bold black cat eye. Black unionizes all colors to create a cohesive look. Also, pair it with matching black lip gloss, too. (I am wearing Chanel’s Lacque Noir over Givenchy’s Le Rouge Noir in Night in Light!) Once you’re done, take a quick selfie and post. You did a great job at completing the look!

Products used throughout: Rosé All Day’s Instant Rosé Face Kit in Sun Slayer (for blush, bronzer and highlighter); Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Definer in Ebony (for brows); Rimmel’s Volume Boost Mascara Primer and Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara (for lashes)

Similar products: Seville Michelle’s Jesus Piece Choker and Choked by a Thread’s Statement Wave Earrings

*The Makeup Store’s Mixing Liquid is only available at Make Up Store storefronts/counters in Singapore and Indonesia. Plus, it’s a VEGAN product!! 🙂 A great dupe for this product is Mehron’s Makeup Mixing Liquid. Otherwise, you can use water to dampen your brush to create a similar effect. But, mixing liquid helps the pigments to stay in place.

DUPES: A) Aquamarine Blitz – Make Up Store’s Eye Dust in Indigo and Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Radium; B) VR Emerald – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge and Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Vivid Jade; C) Incandescent Gold 003 – Make Up Store’s Eye Dust in Gold and Pat McGrath’s EYEdols Eye Shadow in Gold Standard; D) Blitz Purple – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Psychedelic Sister and Pat McGrath’s EYEdols Eye Shadow in Synthetica

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