One Palette, 3 Different Looks: Pat McGrath's Nocturnal Nirvana

Let’s be honest: have you ever used what you bought on Black Friday? Unfortunately, we are all too guilty of one thing. In 2007, the average U.S. household has over 50 unused new items worth $3,100 USD. In 2019, a survey conducted in the UK reports that £544 was spent on beauty products, still fresh in the box. As a consumer of beauty products, I hate to admit that I haven’t finished my eyeshadows and because of the scarcity of some products (e.g. Pat McGrath’s Dark Star 006), I only wear them once in a while. As embarrassing as it sounds, I also have to say that it’s because that sometimes, I run out of ideas on how I can wear certain eyeshadows. However, don’t lose hope!

In this series, the first one I’d like to kick off with is Pat McGrath’s Nocturnal Nirvana palette. Featuring four stunning colors, it’s basically a Mardi Gras party filled with gold, aquamarine blue, duochrome green/purple and royal purple. Given that those are not everyday natural hues, it’s implied for night use only. Knowing me, I know that you know how much I LOVE wearing my colors loud and proud during the day!

These are the EXACT products I use to create my look!

Since this was a treat myself Black Friday purchase, this palette was worth EVERY dollar I ever spent on at Sephora as it was a limited edition product. No fallouts, no fades, no creasing, etc! That’s why Pat McGrath’s products have a high price tag attached to it as every single particle is super duper fine, which is why I purchased it to begin with. Although you can only find this on eBay or Poshmark, I promise you that you will never be disappointed!

Since this palette looks hard to wear, I’m gonna break it down on how YOU can make the most out of it!

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my first hair tutorial: blowout for mullets

Hey y’all!

I hate to admit that times are tough. We are living in a pandemic, ruled by paranoia and living under constant fear of the new disease that’s altered our entire outlook.

Not only do we have to socially distance ourselves, we also have to give up simple luxuries whether it be a short trip to Europe or a nice tropical getaway in Bali. Also, what was once a small errand like a trip to the salon is now a scarcity as we have to withdraw ourselves from having someone touch our hair.

Since a handful of you have admired my style and makeup game, I kinda wanted to start off with something easy: hair styling. Since hair is the foundation for outfits and makeup, I feel that it’s the right time to give away my top secret formula on my mullet! Because y’all can’t book a trip to the salon now, I wanna do my part to help you get a Hollywood style blowout at home. 🙂

Please check out my first video and try not to laugh at my Jim Carrey impression: