@thekimbino: How A Teacher Became Fashion’s Most Unlikeliest Insider To All Things Kardashian

Every fashion insider has something to back up their cred whether it’s a stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer, designer or anyone who’s worked on sets at photoshoots. With access to the world’s biggest superstars, it’s no doubt that they know all the piping hot tea. However, Kim of @thekimbino, is an unexpected fashion insider ready to take the industry by storm.

A primary school teacher by day, the 24-year-old Perth-based fashionista is a fashion insider by night. With almost 50K followers on Instagram, @thekimbino has built a steady following for her razor-sharp eagle eyed observations on celebrity fashion moments, engaging commentary on the latest state of fashion, and of course, all things Kim KW.

We go all the way back in 2017 when she discovered my account and from here, we’ve been keeping an eye on each other’s feed! Given that her account has been growing a lot, I decided that it was finally time to give her the interview of her dreams and decode the mystery behind the feed.

We catch up over this decade’s best/worst trends, the influence of the Kardashians on the fashion industry, the comeback of Y2K fashions, the current state of celebrity fashion and what it’s like to DM the world’s most famous reality TV icon.

You’re a teacher by day, but you’re a fashion expert on Instagram 24/7. What made you start your Instagram account?

Kimbino: I was bored in all honesty and also had a lot of creativity that I didn’t really know how to direct. I was studying fashion business at the time and found that styling was something I was good at and sort of fell into.

When we first followed each other on Instagram, you posted a lot of Polyvore collages of outfit ideas. Was styling something that you always wanted to do growing up?

K: It’s not something I always wanted to do, maybe two years after I graduated high school I remembered there was an app called Polyvore. I went on there and started creating sets and I found I was naturally good at it. 

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Link in my bio 💡🕯

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You count Kim Kardashian as your muse. Why do you love her and how does she inspire you?

K: I’ve watched the show since high school, she’s smart, she’s hard working, her style has evolved greatly since those early days. She followed me last December on Christmas Eve and she’s been amazing to me ever since. 

Every fan’s dream is to DM with Kim Kardashian. What is it like to DM her?

K: I don’t consider myself a fan, [but] I do admire her a lot especially her business ventures. I wouldn’t stand outside a hotel for her – I’ll put it that way haha. I think that’s why we are able to communicate well. It’s weird to DM her; it’s surreal it feels as though I’m talking to a helpful big sister and then, I remember it’s Kim Kardashian.

Apart from Kim Kardashian, which other celebrity defined fashion in the 2010s?

K: Rihanna. I think she’s defined it the absolute most. She’s unbelievable (I’m a stan). 

It’s honestly so funny how the 2000s are coming back now that it’s vintage. Which 2000s trends do you think are going to be revived in 2020? What would we wear it with?

K: I honestly can’t thing of which trend is to come because they’ve basically ALL come back already e.g double denim, small sunglasses, bold colors, juicy tracksuits, visible thongs. 

I notice that you compare a celebrity’s outfit with a handful of throwback moments from the 1990s to 2000s. How did you develop this observation?

K: I do a lot of research on the carpets/events from those decades so when I see something recent it triggers a look I’ve seen from a while ago. 

Looking at your feed gives me some fresh perspective on fashion in the 2010s because I personally think that it’s the decade where I’ve seen more celebrities dress like each other on the streets and red carpets more than what it was 10 years ago. Even though I think that the KarJenners set the blueprint for basic style (no shade!), you kinda made me rethink about Kim Kardashian in particular as she really did set a handful of trends as of recently (e.g. tiny sunglasses, flip flop heels and bike shorts). Why have you decided to cover this partof recent history into your feed?

K: As much as I don’t like [D]iet Prada[,] it’s forced me to also see the comparisons in celebrity style. It also shows that originality is lacking, I think a lot of us are tired of homages…

Which trends do you love and hate from this decade?

K: Too many to count. I definitely can say I’ve hated a lot of Gucci (Alessandro’s era) and I’ve found Off-White to be off putting. Can I mention the trend of fast fashion copying every amazing high fashion moment?

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@parisa0126 wearing @theyiiofficial Bardot corset 🥛

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Since you live in Australia, I feel that more Aussie designers are popping off the charts compared to 10 years ago. Why do you think that Australia is the go-to country for new designers?

K: I think it’s because we’ve been in the shadows for so long and now it’s like a fresh breath of air for a lot of people. A different vibe and feeling from the European houses.

Compared to most fashion accounts I follow on Instagram, I feel that you have an intense, in-depth sixth sense style of looking at things, which I have to say is a very Scorpio trait! Also, I notice that my Scorpio friends like to wear solid colors (whether it’s bright or dark), clean silhouettes, simple jewelry and when it comes to details (e.g. fabric or print), they do NOT like to let other things compete with it! I also notice that Scorpios prefer luxury accessories than clothing. As a Scorpio, what aspects of astrology do you think come into play when you dress up and/or critique fashion?

K: I really don’t have a strong grip on astrology! I just use being a scorpio as an excuse for most of the feisty things I say!

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Hi 🍒

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If there’s something you want to achieve in 2020, what will it be?

K: I’m not sure. I want to create cool things and moments, I also want to be in a good place financially which will mean lots of hard work. 

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