The Detox Down Low: A Candid Take On What It’s Really Like To Be On Sakara’s 10 Day Reset

A wise frog once said that being green is not easy. The same can go for anyone – myself included – who’s trying to live on a sustainable diet. Given that I was raised an omnivore, I’ve briefly experimented with a vegan diet when I was in high school thanks to Mr. A, who first spread the gospel of an animal-free diet. Though it miserably failed, I didn’t really think that the option to go vegan would be crucial until I had a minor health scare four years ago when I found out that I had a lot of heavy metals and high yeast levels in my blood. Since there were plenty of vegan options in LA, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to clean up my body.

Flash forward to 2019, I realized that it was time for me to go vegan again. Earlier in February, I was pigging out on Chinese New Year meals, where pork, chicken, duck and other animal-based products were heavily consumed. Though there were veg-friendly dishes, I noticed that most Chinese dishes that I ate with my family and distant relatives contained meat. While eating meat was already not my cup of tea (save for an additional B12 consumption I needed for my O+ blood type), I hated the feeling of waking up bloated, drained of energy and in desperate need for a morning coffee. So, I sought to try out Sakara’s 10 Day Reset.

Known as a food delivery company that caters to models and actresses, Sakara made a name for itself by using organic produce. In fact, it’s got such a wide cult following for its probiotic chocolates, detox and beauty waters alongside some of the most amazing appetizing plant-based recipes. Though I’ve had some Sakara snacks from the past (e.g. watermelon jerky and watermelon seed butter), the nostalgic feeling of eating their products made me want to push myself to try out the cleanse once and for all.

Since it’s a vegan and gluten-free cleanse, I felt like I’d have no problem letting go of eating a lot of animal products. However, the two things that I wasn’t ready to let go of are my cup of coffee and the occasional tipple. If you love eating meat, munching on ice-cream, drinking coffee and raising your wine glasses on weekends, are you ready to give it all up for 10 days?


  • A glass of Life Source Protein Powder, homemade nut milk, avocado, 1/2 teaspoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of spirulina OR Life Source Protein Powder, coconut water, coconut meat and a teaspoon of spirulina
  • 10-20 droplets of Beauty Water
  • 1 Probiotic
  • A glass of carrot, ginger, kale and celery juice (for extra added energy)
This is breakfast option #1
THIS is how you start your morning XD


  • A cup of Detox Tea (lemongrass keeps out bloating while rose hydrates the skin as rooibos detoxifies your body and supplies anti-oxidants)
This tea is seriously worth the order!


  • Lunch: Daydreamer Soba, Wild Rice + Kimchi Bowl or Beyond Burger
  • Dessert: acai bowl or a bar of chocolate or a smoothie
This is my spin on Sakara’s cult Daydreamer Soba 😉
This is perhaps my favorite recipe as it’s brought a newfound appreciation for kimchi!


  • Another cup of Detox Tea
  • A high protein GF energy bar or detox bar*
This is a “no bake” bar that surprisingly tastes really good! But, add 1-2 full droplets of B12 while baking it as it makes it extra nutritious!
This is fig and apricot detox tea bar is RIDICULOUSLY filling! Even my mom is SO obsessed with it!!

*Since Amazon didn’t stock the Detox and Energy Bars, I had to make them myself 😛

** My mom said that she never felt hungry after she ate my bars!


  • Dinner: Wild mushroom and brown rice pasta, cauliflower steak sandwich
  • 10-20 droplets of Detox Water
  • 1 Probiotic
  • Dessert: Zebra Dream Strawberry & Baobab coconut ice-cream or an acai bowl
Cauliflower steak sandwich on top of GF bread and homemade beetroot and carrot sauce
I drink lemon water to alkalize my stomach and this detox water is filled with chlorophyll to draw out the toxins


  • I lost 1 kg/2 lbs during the ENTIRE cleanse!
  • My boobs shrank – yay!
  • My tummy was filled with a LOT of gas due to the high consumption of veggies, but it’s only temporary as I learned that it’s a side effect of the body not used to having high fiber content
  • I farted SO MUCH that I had to take Nexium and Gaviscon to eliminate more gas…
  • Taking probiotics alongside a high fiber diet basically sent me to the bathroom multiple times a day. I guess a little bit of extra pooping can do a bit of magic for my midsection more than pulling on some Spanx! XP
  • I had super high energy after 3-4 days of skipping coffee!
  • For the first couple of days, I was sweating SO hard due to shedding all the excess toxins!
  • My cooking and baking skills improved a LOT
  • My appetite decreased as eating a chock full of plant fibers and protein kept me crazy full!

Since I’ve done this cleanse twice, it’s truly worked out for me. I don’t know how you’ll feel when you do this cleanse, but every single day made me feel so nourished when I eat 100% plants. On top of that, it also brought me to become more resourceful about finding substitutes for certain ingredients as some of them (e.g. hemp seeds) aren’t available in Singapore. Even though shopping for organic and clean foods are expensive and slightly difficult in SEA, what I love most about this diet is that its diversity of flavors made me realize that eating clean doesn’t equate to bland and boring! Most importantly, if you need to make a change to your diet, it’s honestly never too late to start now!

DISCLAIMER: All products are NOT sponsored by Sakara. I purchased each item on Amazon and had Sakara’s products shipped to Singapore via V-Post as it doesn’t ship outside the States.

This detox set can be purchased on their website.

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