A Girl’s Guide To Self-Tanning: How to Fake That Glow Like A Pro

Growing up in Asia, the idea of tanned skin is not widely appreciated nor desired. Instead, lily white complexions are always in vogue. Wherever I visit beauty counters, there are so many shades of beige, but rarely do I ever see moisturizers, body lotions and/or face masks that target tanning.

Even though I was born a lighter shade of beige, I was perpetually tanned throughout my childhood due to countless swimming lessons. It wasn’t until I had to study for college that I became slightly fairer and looked pastier than a bottle of Elmer’s Glue. In need to fake that tanned complexion, what else can I turn to than a bottle of self tanner?

Before I go any further, I’ve had a long history with self tanners since high school. When I was in 9th grade, I used to ask my sister (who studied in the States) to get me a bottle of Sevin Nyne at her local Sephora. Upon my first try with Sevin Nyne, each spritz was able to evenly cover my skin without any issues. (Who knew that Lindsay Lohan was able to develop SUCH an amazing self tanner?!) Flash forward to 2012, I snagged a bottle of St. Tropez’s self tanning mousse for my body and cream for my face. Compared to Sevin Nyne, it honestly didn’t give me much of the much desired golden tan I craved for and it also made my face erupt with pimples like pepperoni on top of pizza. After years of swearing off self tanners, I guess that it was time to go back to sunless tanning as I realized that not all areas of my body are evenly tan! (Hence why my face tends to be paler than my arms due to sunscreen and abs are whiter than my back due to my preference for low back one pieces – eew!)

In need of a touch up, MineTan sent me their trusty Nano Mist , which comes with a rosewater spritz to help my newfound fake tan last. Since this is the first time I’m trying out a spray tan after five years, can Nano Mist really live up to its hype for a bronzed glow?

Compared to most sunless tanners, this one comes in a compact that sprays the color out of the dispenser. Since the self tanning liquid comes in a mini glass bottle, it has to be applied inside the carton via a dropper. Then, you have to flip the compact up and pull down the cover to spray.

Even though it’s a bit tedious for anyone who’s used to using creams or an aerosol spray, this type of self tanner is meant to be sprayed in specific areas where you want to be tanner. (I had to admit that this was quite hard for me to use it at first, too!) And this since this self tanning liquid is very dark compared to most self tanners I’ve tried in the past, it has a watery consistency; hence, it will dry up more quickly. Thankfully, this kit comes with a mitt!

The first area I targeted was my chest and abs as it was more paler than my back and arms. As much as I love wearing a bikini, having a triangular tan line around my boobs bothered me a lot. With this spray tan, the flesh around that area became somehow darker, but not dark enough to match my arms. As per instructions, I had to wipe away the area with water, which helps to erase excess formula.

Given that I didn’t think twice about extending my tan, MineTan’s Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist is here to do the extra heavy lifting. Since the color from the dispenser serves as my base, the rosewater mist hydrates while it adds an extra tan to my complexion. Although it’s only marketed for the face, I use it on my body to extend the tan on my chest and abs. Since it’s a mist, this product was easier for me to use. Most importantly, it was able to dispense an even tan all over my body to match the pre-existing tan I’ve had.

Even though I swim and sweat at the gym, this product can *still* last even though it faded in some areas (e.g. the sides of my abs, underneath the neck and between my boobs). If you need an easy to use spray tan, I highly recommend this product as the water-based formula is great for anyone who is struggling with acne. Shall I squeeze in some extra time to make an even tan after I travel anywhere, I will definitely use up some MineTan!

Before MineTan:

See how much paler my abs are than the rest of my arms and face?

After MineTan:

The shadow might’ve obscured my spray tanned tummy, but at least it’s close to the shade on my arms and face!

This product was sent to be reviewed by Mine Tan.

Though their main site does not ship to Singapore, you can shop at Look Fantastic to score their Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist.

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