Firming Up With Singapore’s Buzziest Budget-Friendly Skincare Brand

Skincare brands are my wallet’s kryptonite. No matter how much hype it’s got on Instagram or at the nearest Sephora, the beauty gods flip a coin. As someone who’s always open to trying out new skincare products every time a bottle runs out, no single product can make my sensitive oily skin happy.

In all honesty, I’ve had my fair share of trying out anything whether it’s a dermatologist-approved brand, an Instagram cult staple and/or something radically green. Like dating, you simply play around with whatever works for you. As for me, I found plenty of things that sparked joy until I realized that certain products just don’t work for me anymore whenever I get a breakout.

In this case, The Skin Firm, a newly launched local brand, approached me to try out their products. For someone who’s been living in Singapore for more than 20 years, I’ve never tried out local brands before. So, I’ve decided to give it a shot!

A) Pure & Simple Gel Cleanser

This stuff is sulfate-free!

As an alternative to your average face wash, this guy does NOT give out in the lathering department. You know how some soaps can get really soapy, right? Well, this one simply lathers on its own without any need for water! Formulated to be gentle on the skin, this soap-free cleanser is made from coconuts, which left my skin feeling SUPER soft and clean!

After weeks of using it, I’ve had zero breakouts so far. I use it almost everyday whether it’s from my post-hot yoga sweat sesh to a sweat-ridden face after a long night out with friends. (I don’t use it after I swim as I simply scrub away the sunscreen!)

If you are trying to find a cleanser that doesn’t irritate, this one will do you some favors. 😉

B) Long-Wear Daily Sunscreen and C) Timeless Youth Elixir

Call me crazy, but the moment you hit your 20s, it’s when you need to step up your skincare routine by incorporating anti-ageing products. For me, I always like to look young thanks to following my sister’s advice on using anti-ageing skincare.

In this case, the one essential you can’t skip in your routine is sunscreen! Made with minerals and formulated to be creamy, The Skin Firm’s sunscreen has a thin white layer when you first apply it. However, it slowly adjusts to your skin tone and blurs out pores to mimic the feel of wearing tinted moisturizer. Isn’t that insane?! Whenever I wear it, people always ask if I wear foundation when in reality, all I did was wear a layer of this sunscreen! Compared to Neutrogena’s, this one does NOT clog your pores nor will it leave a funny smell behind as there is no fragrance.

On the other hand, you need serum as well. Made with Himalayan red rice, the Timeless Youth Elixir is a lightweight serum that softens your skin while plumping up the collagen underneath the dermis. Plus, your skin will get some extra H2O, which is why I often get compliments on my glow. Trust me, the right serum can go a long way and this one does NOT clog my pores!

D) Youth Therapy Concentrated Essence

Alright, I know this sounds kinda weird, but this stuff actually contains yeast. No, not the kind that’s made to raise bread or brew in your booze, mind you. Here, this essence uses galactomyces, a nutritional yeast that brightens and reverses signs of ageing on your skin. Not to forget, this stuff can really make you look like you need to get your ID checked at the club!

As a substitute for toner, this CoQ10-laced essence keeps my oily skin at bay. Whenever I splash it on my face and neck, I’ve never felt the need to grab my oil blotter as frequently as I did before. Even though I’ve been using it for weeks, there’s ZERO breakouts with using this product!

E) Micellar Water

Not your average drugstore classic

For the past 4 years, I’ve been swearing by micellar water as my makeup remover since my sister introduced Bioderma to me during our vacation in Paris. As someone who’s dealt with sensitivity to oil and lab-formulated water-based makeup removers, I somehow expected this micellar water to be like Bioderma.

Laced with coconut-derived ingredients, it tends to lather up naturally when I rub it against my skin with a cotton pad. Whenever I come home after a sweaty night, this makeup remover can REALLY remove everything: high coverage Hourglass foundation, Kat Von D’s waterproof Dagger Tattoo Liner and Milk Makeup’s infamous smudge-free cream to gel eyeshadow. Compared to my trusty ol’ Bioderma, The Skin Firm’s micellar water only took me one pad to wipe off all my makeup!

Even though I’ve removed my makeup, I always prefer to double cleanse by applying my face cleanser before I reapply my moisturizer, serum and essence. If you are looking for a makeup remover that can really clean up your skin, go get this one!

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