You can always turn the lights down low, but can you make your skin turn up the glow?

As a skincare junkie, I’ve been stuck in a merry go round of trying out a bajillion different products. If I have to pick a category, I’ve been in a steady stream of non-committal relationships with sheet masks. Ditto with scrub as I tend to be hyper anal about deep cleansing effects with a single exfoliation. Upon unconsciously knowing my concerns, St. Ives slipped into my inbox offering me to #TURNUPTHEGLOW with three types of sheet masks and their signature apricot scrub.

As an offer I couldn’t refuse, why the heck not? The moment a box arrived, I couldn’t wait to open my new gift. Inside, it contained one apricot scrub and six sheet masks (i.e. two of each type). Even though the brand’s scrub is cult status, is it something that actually lives up to its expectations?

Before I can say anything, I’ve decided that it’s finally time that you guys get a glimpse of my Photoshop-free skin that’s filled with freckles, dark circles and acne scars! Brace yourselves, y’all!

A) Soothing Oatmeal Sheet Mask

Redness is one of the most irritating things on my skin apart from clogged pores and pimples. As someone who has sensitive and oily skin, the amount of redness I have (from squeezing out clogged pores and cysts) does not do anything to make my skin look better.

So, I popped on this sheet mask after squeezing my blackheads for 20 minutes. Per their instructions, I had to leave on the mask for 10 minutes and it worked! Well, somehow it did because my skin was still glowing after I put on one sheet mask in the evening.

Since one mask contains oat and agave stem extracts, I felt like it was somehow able to calm my skin down in the morning. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it made a difference on me as the redness didn’t subside immediately as I expected. Only after I woke up did I realize that the redness calmed down a LOT. Anywhere than that, it felt like an instant serum shot to the skin.

Apart from delivering the serum to my skin, the mask was slightly too big on me and I had to readjust it constantly.

Does this oat-infused mask really soothe my skin from inflammation?
Smoother skin means a completely soothed surface

B) Revitalizing Acai, Blueberry and Chia Seed Oil Mask

As the acai smoothie for your face, this mask is geared to deliver extra hydration. In spite of some mixed reviews on Influenster, this mask did some wonders.

While I was out at an Ed Sheeran concert, my skin was clogged with a lot of sweat. After a quick shower and a post-shower 10 min. sheet mask, I didn’t expect some amazing results. Given that it’s equally serum-rich like the oat mask, the acai, honeysuckle flower, agave, chia seed extracts and sodium hyaluronate (i.e. the sodium-based salt of hyaluronic acid) sank into my skin for that instant topical glow. In fact, I liked how it made my dark circles disappear!

However, I felt that the mask clogged my skin with baby bumps the next day due to the artificial fragrance. If anyone has to use this mask, it works best on normal to dry skin.

Hi, it’s me again! šŸ˜›

C) Glowing Skin Apricot Mask

Famed for its apricot infused products, St. Ives knows how to capitalize on it. Since it would be my first time trying it on, I gave it the benefit of doubt. Since I couldn’t expect anything, this mask left me shook with some mindblowing results.

Moist, serum-drenched and thin, the very thin sheet made it hard for me to apply properly (as seen below) as it was too big for my face. Some parts either lifted off or had to be bunched in certain spots near my mouth, which made the bottom half of my jaw look like Thanos’ chin.

Since the sheet masks are marketed to make my skin glow, the apricot one REALLY lived up to the hype. My dermis looked like it could practically blind someone! If I had to ask myself if I could try it again, why not?

I guess you can see the Thanos comparisons already
Ready, set, glow!

D) Apricot Scrub

Last but not least, how can we not forget about Allure‘s favorite face scrub? As someone who loves to keep my face clean, a little scrubbing goes a long way.

Rougher than the average face scrub, the walnut-derived powder made the exfoliation work harder than other salt or clay-infused scrubs. In spite of its roughness, it really made my skin look and feel extra clean! Not to mention, I love that it made my skin feel SUPER soft! But in terms of the glow, it gave my complexion a matte glow. šŸ™‚

If you feel that this scrub is too rough on your face and neck, it’s great as a body scrub, too. For myself, I use it to exfoliate my underarms and bikini areas as they are prone to getting ingrown hair. I know this was TMI, but y’all can’t sleep on this fact as it has helped my skin lift up the ingrown hairs to the skin’s surface.

No moisturizer, serum and sunscreen!

After trying out this range for two weeks, it’s done a lot to make my skin feel super clean and look poreless underneath a layer of high coverage foundation.

Booyeah! Cheers to wrinkle-free and poreless skin! XD

Now that I’ve shared my thoughts, will you try any of these products? If you are someone who loves St. Ives, what are your favorite products from them?

Disclaimer: all of these products were given from a PR box.

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