Man Crush Monday: Scott Albrecht

Tall, dark, exotic and handsome, Scott Albrecht fills in all the checks for every girl who dreams for a man by her side. While it’s easy to go for any man who has conventional Netflix actor good looks, this 26-year-old Baltimore born Charles Melton lookalike is not another ridiculously good looking model/budding actor.

Like the Riverdale actor, Albrecht grew up in an Korean American household and was once an aspiring football player before he dipped his toe into modeling and acting. However, this lovely bilingual Libra is an avid comic book collector whose Insta bio casually references Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, a movie starring Michael Cera alongside two future Captains (Marvel and America, of course).

Although we have yet to meet in person, Albrecht gets candid about his journey to modeling, what it’s like to grow up in a multi-cultural household, why he wants to use film to tell stories of Asian American history in Hollywood and how growing up in a rough neighborhood inspires him to help others improve their life.

How would you describe your personality in 5 words? 

SA: [W]eirdo,philosophical, lightning, grounded, [and] loyal.

Was being a model something you originally wanted to do? If not, what made you focus on modeling?

SA: Football was always on the mind…then[,] [I] turned into film[,] editing and acting when I saw the industry had so few Asian[s], as well as mixed Asians. I wanted to become the inspiration to kids like me. I always viewed modeling as easy and a “flamboyant” thing, but [I] always loved fashion. Wasn’t until I saw/[was] inspired by ASAP Rocky modeling, and was like, “YOOOOO if this rapper isn’t afraid to step out his lane…I’m gonna give it a shot, too”.

Since you come from a Korean American family, what is it like for you to grow up with two different cultures?

SA: SOOO Strange. I grew up with mostly black and white kids, but lived in a Korean speaking and eating household. I used to be such a shame for the way I looked. I was embarrassed too speak Korean. It was a tough balance, but super grateful for it.

Now that a lot of Asian American men are in demand in Hollywood (thanks to Crazy Rich Asians), do you feel that it’s the same with the modeling industry?

SA: I think Asians have always had an interesting look, so I don’t think it’s changed much, but I’m hoping there will be more of a shift in the industry. Think there needs to be more masculine looking Asians as well. I feel as if Westerns see Asian people as innocent and tiny, but that’s not always the case. Excited to see more versatility within the Asian community.

Was there a moment when you were discriminated because of your race?

SA: All the time. I was too white for the Asian kids and too Asian for the white kids. I was always told I couldn’t do something based off the ethnicity I was with. So if I were with white people, it would be things like I can’t drive, I look like an alien, my clothes always smell like shit, I have a small dick [and the] only thing I’ll be good at is math.

Apart from modeling, you’re also an actor, too! So many models are also juggling acting careers and it’s always fascinated me why you, as a model, are dipping your toe into acting. How did that opportunity happen?

SA: Acting was always before modeling. I just love sharing experiences and stories. The biggest dream I have is to create stories not only for Asian Americans but [for] Asians[,] too. To let them know they’re just apart of this country as any white or black person. [F]or ex., I want to create a film on the gold mine. So many Chinese had influence and help build this railroad as well as the Manhattan [B]ridge. Things that are so huge in American history..Things THAT make them just as American as the others.

As an actor, how do you tap into your emotions?

SA: I started taking classes at Baron/Brown in Santa Monica. The teacher has helped me tremendously with getting in touch with my feelings, since I can be a very (in a positive way) deflective. I’m deflective cause of the crazy past I had growing up in Baltimore.

Given that you have to use social media to build your career, have you ever felt any insecurities about the number of followers you have?

SA: Numbers don’t bother me because I know me so well. I know what my intentions are and what my values are. I think because I stay true and authentic myself[,] I will always post the things that are me without the thought of likes or if people are judging me.

I feel that nowadays, people love to brag about who they date because so-and-so has an X amount of followers. Given that you live in LA, have you ever had to deal with anyone who wanted to date you due to your social media followers?

SA: Not to flex, I’ve always had people coming up to me based on my looks. I usually try to give them the hint of “I don’t wanna waste your time”. I’m not the guy you think I am….I’m a weirdo hahaha. but yeah[,] I’ve had to deal with ladies that are into me based [off] of IG.

If a guy wants to break into modeling, but doesn’t know how to work his angles, how can he ace his poses?

SA: I would say get your mind and body right. Meaning[,] be creative/level headed with  a strong/healthy body because the industry can be a drag most times. Long hours. I tell guys all the time: “[Y]ou cannot take things personal[ly] because that will kill you. Instead[,] constantly remind yourself of what you can offer as a gift and how valuable you are”. With time and constantly working on yourself, you will get to where you want to go in life/industry.

What’s the number one modeling cliché that guys should avoid?

SA: Fuck trying to look like a model. Show YOU and be who YOU ARE. Shine/flex on all the things that make you, you! It gets boring when you copy or try to be like others.

You seem to be quite the explorer as you like to go anywhere from the streets of Seoul to an abandoned house in Maryland. Among all the places you’ve been to, what was the most unforgettable experience you ever had?

SA: I will never forget the experiences I have dealt with back home in Maryland. From all the crazy house hopping, to seeing people kill each other, abusing their bodies…it’s really shaped me into who I want to be and to help others know they don’t have to be a product of their environment.

If there’s one comic book you need to save in case of emergencies, what will it be? (I assume you got your handle from Scott Pilgrim!)

SA: Cowboy Bebop.

Lastly, what do you love and hate the most about LA? 

SA: I love the versatility in L.A. – you can get so much culture, but also love how you get a little bit of everything..beaches, city, mountains, forests, desert..never boredom. I hate how you can feel people are always trying to gain something from another person like an opportunity. Try to actually build a relationship with someone as opposed to just using them.

Photos by Drew Pluta

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