Is This Influencer-Loved Activewear Set Worth The IG Hype?

Activewear brands come and go just like how we often tend to clear out our closets whenever we’re bored. Even as under the radar companies are constantly challenged to break the market, what’s more important is how they aim to boot up the game. Rather than me reviewing a new brand, it’s time for me to rekindle with a familiar face I reviewed a year and a quarter ago.

Rather than going by Touché LA, it’s rebranded itself LA Collective, an activewear umbrella that represents 3 brands: TLA by Morgan Stewart, Ren Active (whom they collaborated with model Alexis Ren) and Vita LA. Launched last year, Vita LA’s brought out an array of fun prints (e.g. tie dye), unconventional details (e.g. aged denim) and a range of colors that make you think of sorbets at the ice cream shop. Backed by 37K Instagram followers and a handful of sold out listings, it’s no wonder that this under the radar cult activewear brand is already on its way to knock the big dogs down.

Jaynee got in touch with me again to send me a new pastel rose denim-inspired set that consisted of leggings, tank top and sports bra. The moment I woke up, I was more than excited to review it! While it’s easy for me to be let down by the amount of hype than quality in today’s activewear, is this new set from VITA LA worth the Instagram hype?

A) Rose Denim Legging

Two years ago, the leggings I received from the TLA line were see-through. When I had this conversation with one of my friends, she also had the same complaint, too. With concern that the leggings will be see through, my doubts are cast aside the moment I tried them on. Thicker and more opaque than the TLA version, these leggings are more gym-friendly as it doesn’t make me feel self-conscious about leaving the house.

When I went to the gyrotonic studio and gym, these seamless leggings compressed my legs like Spanx hugging my waist. Even when I sweated, I never felt a bead of sweat inside my legs thanks to its polyamide/lycra blend. Throughout each movement, jump and/or step, the muscle controlling aspect of the design truly kept my legs in place.

If you plan to purchase this pair, just be sure to wear seamless underwear or a thong as you don’t want VPL. 😉

All dressed up like a Pepto Bismol bottle 🙂

B) Rose Denim Tank Top

Usually, I don’t buy tank tops as I always have to wear a sports bra underneath it. Compared to most tank tops, it comes with a built-in bralette, which offers a decent amount of support whenever I swing my arms, grip on the straps from a Reformer machine or mimic some hands-free running. But, does it really control my muscles as marketed?

Truth be told, my boobs simply jump up and down whenever I run or power walk whereas if I climb up and down on a Stairmaster, there’s minimal movement. Due to the thinness of the fabric, the big perk is that it doesn’t make my skin feel too stuffy while sweating and cooling down.

If you plan to purchase this, it’s great as a layering piece over a sports bra or just alone underneath a windbreaker. Since the fabric’s pretty thin, just don’t forget to wear pasties!

C) Rose Denim Sports Bra

So many sports bras out here offer the conventional scoop neck style that shows a LOTTA boob. If you are above a C cup, this sports bra is the best. I have a similar one from their first Vita LA drop and TBH, you will never go wrong with it.

What I like about this bra is that it keeps my big bouncing boobs in place as I move around in different poses or walk around at Botanic Gardens. The thick lyrca-based material keeps them in place without causing any discomfort underneath my bust and/or on the shoulders. While it’s primarily used for exercising, it wicks sweat even when I don’t exercise! Trust me, it’s even better than my VS sports bra. 🙂

Wore this bra as a cute layering piece underneath my t-shirt!

If I have to pick a favorite between the tank top and the sports bra, it’s the latter. Given its functionality, you can also work it as a layering piece underneath a t-shirt, windbreaker or sweatshirt. Not to mention, the thickness of the fabric allows you to go out in it without the fear of having your nips sticking out!

Feature image courtesy of @la_collective

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