Man Crush Monday: Cameron Tagge

On a blustery cold fall in 2014, a Casey Cott lookalike with a shaggy haircut exited the Lair, a cafeteria where LMU students feasted on greasy pastas, salads and burgers. Fresh off of my shift at the radio station and a hanger filled to the core, it swept aside the moment I locked eyes with him. With five minutes to spare, I realized that he was someone who looked so familiar to me as I often saw his face in The Loyolan. Not only did I remember him for his wicked penmanship in the newspaper, he was also a budding actor, too. If you dare to stalk him on his IG, his name is Cameron Tagge.

Five years later and living in two separate cities, I felt that it was time for me to reconnect with my old LMU classmate. Blessed with Marvel hero looks, the 20-something budding actor and screenwriter is currently milking up his double degree in theatre arts and screenwriting into a rising acting career. While his days as a student journalist are far behind him, Tagge is writing Internet-breaking skits for Flighthouse, a channel from TikTok that’s now featuring original videos on YouTube. However, the one thing that’s added to his ever-expanding resume is being a musician.

The L.A.-based Virgo virtuoso and I catch up over his lust for creativity, why humor is sexy, the most awkward date he’s ever had and the biggest secret to maintaining his 3 and a half year relationship.

When I first met you, you were juggling between journalism and
acting. What made you experiment with trying out two careers at once?

Cameron Tagge: I had a crazy creative awakening when I went to college. Before that, I was all basketball all the time but, I stopped playing in college and dove into every creative thing I could! And I’m still doing it today with music, acting and writing!

Although you dipped your toe in journalism for a year, I saw that
you’ve settled with acting. How did that decision come about?

CT: The journalism stuff came about through a friend I had in screenwriting that recommended me to write for The Loyolan. Journalism has never been a huge passion of mine but, I do love creative writing and storytelling!

Comedy is such a big part of your brand as an actor and you cover
all bases from sketches to spoofs. What’s your favorite type of comedy
to perform and why does it make you laugh?

CT: I love absurdist comedy. I was raised on Adam Sandler (Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison) as well as Dave Chappelle. So, I love big performances but, [they were] played real and believable. I believe [that] comedy is the best way to get an audience engaged and sucked in!

Apart from acting, you’re dabbling into music. (Side note: Lions
recognize Lions when someone wants to dabble in music!) What made you
want to pursue that field? Was music something you always wanted to do
since college?

CT: I fell on music and acting at the same time: freshman year in college. My roommate and door mates were music majors and we would do jam sessions ’til 3 am in the dorms and skate around to people’s windows and sing to them. Music has been such a direct way to emote and create and I love it greatly!

As a woman, I dig humor and I, myself, like to make my dates laugh.
Why do you think that humor is sexy? Do you think that it’s an
absolute must to have a partner who can make you laugh?

CT: Humor is playful for me – open honest communication. It’s like little puppies playing together. I love being able to be silly together.

What’s the most awkward moment that ever happened to you at a date?

CT: I went on a first date with a girl to a sushi date and once we got there, she told me she didn’t like sushi but wanted to stay anyway. So, I ate sushi in front of her and she just watched. πŸ˜‚

These days, I realize that our generation takes dating very
casually to the point where we’re mostly unsure about what we want for
ourselves. But at the same time, I feel that there’s a FOMO for
singles (like myself) because a relationship is something that we must
feel to gain romantic experiences. What’s your #1 tip for dealing with
romantic uncertainty and for singles, how can we feel less guilty
about FOMO’ing on a relationship?

CT: I would hope for people to try and stick with things longer! Work through that initial meet and lust and honeymoon phase and work towards something deeper. If you want it to work, then it will work. If you don’t then, it won’t. It’s usually that simple. 😌😌

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