Man Crush Monday: Han Chandra

Model, blogger, influencer, children’s book author, graphic designer and painter. Is there anything that Han Chandra can’t do? As an all-around Renaissance man and kid at heart, this Jakarta-based hottie is also blessed with super fly style, chiseled cheekbones and flawless skin. While every man on earth can win us over with lush locks and a charming smile, the one thing that made us swoon over him is his compassionate soul as he is devoted to spending time with kids.

With an army of 26,000 followers on Instagram, the 27-year-old single bachelor is not just another rising social media celebrity. In place of notches on his bedpost, he’s got multiple diplomas under his belt. (Beat that, James Franco!) On top of his stellar academic career, this pretty Pisces writes on his self-titled blog. Not to forget, he’ll sneak in some Whitney Houston songs on your Spotify, serenade you with a Michael Jackson hit and take you along to a Bruno Mars concert.

For our very first debut of Man Crush Monday, Chandra and I chat via WhatsApp about the secret to getting crystal clear skin, his next children’s book and why women shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move.

As a male model, have you felt comfortable with your looks? If not, can you tell us a moment when you felt insecure about yourself?

Han: Actually, I’m quite happy with my imperfect look, so I don’t want to change anything with my face for the sake of my modeling career. However, as a male model, sometimes I feel insecure with my body weight since I work in [the] office and I don’t eat like a model.

Fashion is such a big part of your brand. Why are you inspired by it?

H: Being a model is something I love most [about myself]. Especially when I wear [a] good designer label. I believe that [designers] are the best artists who do the best thing[s], [and put in] effort in the making of their design. So, I can learn, enjoy, [be] inspired and immerse in their designs.

I see that so many men, especially in Jakarta, only stick to edgy streetwear or a clean cut preppy aesthetic. Plus, I feel that some men only dress a certain way to get some attention for the ‘gram when in reality, they don’t dress anything like their social media personalities.How can men blend two aesthetics together without looking like a poser?

H: I usually wear very, very, very casual [clothes] in my daily life. Just pick a simple t-shirt and a pair of simple trousers. But if I go out, I don’t want to stick to one style. We have many brands and talented designers and style[s] as well and I want to try them all. Of course there is [a] particular look I love most but, I’m willing to wear something out of my comfort zone.

Your skin looks SO amazing! What’s your skincare routine like?

H: I use normal face wash and moisturizer, but the most important thing [is that] I drink at least 7 glass[es] of water.

If a man is not familiar with starting a skincare routine, what type of product should they start with?

H: Most men nowadays begin to look after their skin and they know what the best skin product [is] for them. However for those who want to start their skincare routine, I suggest to use Laneige Water Sleeping Mask because it [is] water-based.

Apart from modeling, writing is such a big part of your career. How did you become interested in writing?

H: Actually, I’m still learning about writing – writing wasn’t my cup of tea. But I have some idea[s], passion[s], [and] thought[s] [that] I really want to convey so[,] writing is one my mediums. I need to work on how to write well and efficient[ly].

Who are your favorite authors?

H: My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Enid Blyton, some local Indonesian writers like Ernest Prakasa and Raditya Dhika. I don’t read any heavy things.

You wrote a children’s book and it’s not something that many young men like yourself do. Why did you write a children’s book and why do you feel connected to children?

H: I love kids and how they express their emotion without being fake. They [are] easy to forgive and easily forget their friends’ mistakes, especially [when it comes to] smaller kids. This is the value that should be kept when they grow up later. Based on that I want to write and make books for them, I guess my illustration style is suitable for them as well.

Do you have any plans to release more children’s books?

H: Yes – [a]bout diversity and bullying.

Who inspired you to paint?

H: Michelangelo.

I remember that you launched an art show in March 2018. What’s it like for you to debut an exhibition? Do you have any plans to release another show sometime this year?

H: This is what I call [a] favor. I was new in this field yet[,] I was trusted for a solo exhibition. I was really excited even I made my own art installation and I absolutely went extra miles for the project. I even expect[ed] [that] the exhibition would not end soon. As a beginner[,] surely I felt insecure whether the audience like[d] it or not. Fortunately[,] there were some offer[s] to hold the same exhibition in several cities . It continued to Bali in Artotel Hotel. At the moment[,] I work in an office with extra hours so[,] even I have some energy to plan many things but physically[,] I’m tired. Next month[,] I quit my office work and I want to make some of my dreams come true.

I realize that in Indonesia, so many people date to marry whereas in Western countries like the U.S., people date for fun. Since you grew up in Indonesia, do you feel that there is a pressure for you to get married?

H: I’m single for now. I still have some unstable circumstances and I need to do many things that need more concentration. In short[,] I think I’m not ready for any relationship at the moment.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you ever did to impress a girl?

H: I put [in] extra effort [for] cooking by myself to impress a girl and I cannot cook. I add[ed] some garlic, meat and [other] ingredients to make my cooking delicious and she ate that with [a] smile. When I tasted it …it was the worst meal I’ve ever tasted so[,] I decided to eat McDonald’s in the park. But it turns out to be one of memorable moment[s] in my life so[,] don’t ask me to cook.

Can you tell us about the best date you ever had?

H: The best date was when we accidentally meet [each other] during holiday season with our parents. I came across her by the beach and we [were] both in sleepwear (worn out t-shirt and haven’t had our shower). [W]e sit by the beach and see the horizon..just holding hands in silence.

For single men who are too scared to make the first move, what’s the #1 confidence boosting trick you swear by?

H: I haven’t master[ed] it yet but[,] don’t worry if the girl love[s] you. [S]he would give you hint[s] to make you easier to approach her. I hope [that there are] no such Asian traditional thought[s] that women [will] look cheap when [they] approach men.

Photos by Glenn Prasetya

Note: Answers have been edited for clarity.

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