Real Girls Talk: How To Slay NYE Party Dressing With @velvetcoke

We love a good party dress; however, it’s so easy to run out of ideas on what to wear. Especially on New Year’s Eve, where it’s hard to think of something to wear. Given that most of us are in a 9 to 5 lifestyle, I still can’t let go of the thought that we only wear 20 percent of our closet!

As a fellow clotheshorse, our returning guest Velvet Coke just happens to be in love with fashion as much as I am! Rather than giving all of you some conventional advice, I felt that it was time to get the lowdown on party dressing.

Velvet Coke and I discuss about how to make your work outfit more party-friendly, the one color you should mix with metallics, the most iconic fashion moment to repeat for NYE, the power of accessorizing and why you should ditch your flats for Dr. Martens.

I love party apparel and to be honest, it’s such a shame that most of us rarely pull out our party dress as we’re basically stuck in a work-heavy lifestyle. For anyone who doesn’t have enough party clothes, what’s the most versatile item you swear by when you have nothing to wear at parties? 

Velvet Coke: Getting the perfect party outfit may be a bit stressful considering the fact there are going to be so many people and how it’s most likely different than your everyday look. Having the famous little black dress in your closet is such life saver, even if it’s a very old one, it’s classic and never out of style. However, if you simply don’t like the idea of pulling that one again[,] the answer could be even simpler. I love the “workwear-gone-glam” as I call it. A blazer and trousers can look so hot. Jerry Hall was definitely a master at that. With a sleek ponytail or wet hair, you just have to decide what’s your vibe for the night. And no matter how simple the suit or blazer is, the statement piece is underneath – e.g. a bralette or body chain. Or nothing.

We’re a sucker for all things glittery, shiny and metallic! Since they usually get paired with something black, what are some alternative outfit ideas that can work with these types of fabrics? 

VC: Oh[,] it doesn’t have to be black at all! I agree that it makes a nice contrast but[,] it’s not the only option. I like the idea of pairing it with a similar shade of the sparkles, meaning if it’s golden glitter/sparkles, same shades of clothing etc like this photo of Donna Mills during [filmmaker] Billy Wilder’s 1987 New Year’s Eve Party. I’m saying, I love playing around with different tones of one or two colors. That’s why I’m also kinda into “baby” colors lately. Baby pink, baby blue — I find them flattering for all skin tones and vibes.

I realize that so many of us like to channel iconic pop culture moments through fashion and it’s so funny how they get often get repeated again and again. For example, Kate Moss’ sheer silver dress, Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” beaded gown, Paris Hilton’s chainmail dress, Elizabeth Hurley’s Versace safety pin dress, Rihanna’s naked dress and Rose McGowan’s beaded dress. Who do you think had *the* most iconic dress moment and why do you think that it’s so memorable? 

VC: Out of the mentioned ones my favorite one is Elizabeth Hurley’s. I believe that every “iconic” moment happens when all circumstances seem to be perfect. It was the best era of Versace, she looked bomb, dating Hugh Grant, everything was so perfect! The dress is beautiful, not too dramatic but the pins were an unusual option that gave a bit of edge to the look. However, I’d like to mention Vikki Dougan. She was very famous for wearing backless dresses to big events back in the day. I think backless dresses look so glamorous, I love them. Also, Cher’s Met Gala dress! It’s from 1974 but oh my[,] it’s uncountable how many dresses were made that looked like that afterwards. She started a revolution!

As much as we love celebrity fashion, it doesn’t always translate to real life as all of us don’t have a stylist and have access to shops with high price points. However, some of us are mega-conscious about where our clothes are sourced from as we’re becoming more environmentally aware. Where can we find cute, yet sustainable party clothes that don’t hurt the earth?

VC: I’m still looking hard for brands like that! Still a journey but my friends and followers have recommended me some brands such as Everlane, thredUP — accessories too, ABLE, Alternative Apparel and People Tree. 

 Apart from dresses, we can’t overlook the power of an accessory. I remember that you once posted about matching a bag to your sleeve, which I think is super duper unique! When did you realize that accessories are just as important as a dress?

VC: I always pay attention to details, even the most unnoticeable ones. I know that not everybody does but, unconsciously details define our outfit. The dress is obviously important and it’s the first thing everybody notices, especially from a further distance. But looking close up, accessories determine your personal style and passion. Focusing on hands or neck? Following the “less is more” rule or overdoing it? A little black dress could be styles with pearls or it can take a huge turn with safety pins or an oversized choker. Thank you for noticing that! I think paying attention to deets really shows how unique you are and how seriously you take this game!

 I love colored legwear, but it’s so hard to wear it! How can we style it without looking like a cosplay character? 

VC: I love mini skirts and colorful tights, like a cute black skirt and dark red ones. If you’re unsure, play it safe with a mostly all black combination apart from the legwear and it will look like a nice pop of color. Pucci was really into that in 2017 so there’s great inspo by them from their Fashion Week in Milan. I like the idea of choosing two colors and playing with contrasts in the outfit. 

Let’s not forget about jewelry. It’s so criminally overlooked as we see that most bloggers don’t really emphasize it on their #ootds. For anyone who isn’t used to wearing jewelry, what shall they start out with? 

VC: I adore jewelry, you can definitely call me obsessed. I think my mistake was overdoing it at one point, and that’s what I suggest everyone to avoid, especially if you’re just getting started. I believe in the “less is more” rule and that includes jewelry[,] too. Two beautiful rings or bracelets may leave a bigger impression than a bunch of them. However, it doesn’t have to be like that always. I love the trend of layering multiple necklaces around your neck. I have many ear piercings and the earrings are all minimalistic, so together they look cute. I always wear a choker too, can’t leave without one. Just a little habit I have. Oh, and mixing gold and silver is something I definitely avoid too.

Shoes are so tough to decide because I, myself, usually take the longest to get ready due to my choice in footwear. Since some of us don’t think about our shoes until the last minute, what’s the most fuss-free shoe that can match with any outfit? 

VC: I think everybody needs to have a pair of nude heels in their wardrobe. They’re very sophisticated and go well with most of your outfits. If you’re not sure about pairing your shoes, you can try buying nude heels and black heels. These two definitely help every outfit and although you won’t step out of your comfort zone, at least you know that you can’t mess up. If we’re not talking about flats, I still love my Dr. Martens. They give edgy vibes even to the simplest outfits so[,] who doesn’t want a bit of fun with them? 

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