The 5 Instagram Poses To Amplify Your Feed

Mercury retrograde might be a headache, but at least it did one thing right: fix our heads and bodies into the right place. For the past couple of years, we had to deal with wacky unattainable body trends (e.g. thigh gap; ab crack) that can only be achieved via A)ย surgery, B) starvation and C) using impractical torture devices to get the Kardashian body. Thankfully, we can have painless days, munch on our meals and obviously, use our brains to invent clever new poses that can cut down the amount of time we spend on Photoshopping our bodies!

Rather than trying too hard to make yourself look like you shrank three sizes with blatantly obvious Photoshopping, you can fake a leaner look by going for 5 simple effortless poses:

  1. The XIV

Inspired by King Louis XIV, the petite emperor’s go-to pose goes on like this: stand at the side, turn the front leg forward and push your arm out. Top it off by twisting your torso 45 degrees. Not only do you look leaner, taller and slimmer, this pose makes your curves pop!

Trust me, it looks difficult at first, but don’t let it intimidate you. Although no one else has done it yet, don’t be surprised if the XIV pose will become viral!!

2. The Baby Giraffe

Taking some cues from the Instagram’s fashion director, Eva Chen, this pose truly does miracles.

As explained by Chen, the baby giraffe is all about shifting your weight forward. (It’s becoming the go-to pose among celebrities!) If you find that crossing your leg and sticking your ass out is too painful for your back, you can try sticking one foot out forward without crossing it over like this:

See? Easy, peasy lemon, squeezy.

3. The Perpendicular

I can’t guarantee you the amount of times I really have to practice this pose because honestly,ย  not all of us can have the time to frolick around in the beach and do theย Barbie feet pose! As much as I love my own body, I feel super duper self-conscious about my feet as they’re kinda man-like.

Rather than posing frontally, I decided to turn my front leg to the side and tip on my toe like the voluptuous doll. If you need to show off your accessories, place your hand (opposite your forward leg) on the middle of the other arm. This geometric pose sounds tricky in concept, but based on this photo, it’s super easy to achieve!

Even Leonie Hanne of Ohh Couture does it, too. (Albeit less extra than me!)

4. “4”

Ha! Do you really think that I was going to sit there and call it something else? As one of the most under the radar poses, the 4 is the easiest to achieve. Whether you’re sitting or standing, you can always bend a knee to make your legs resemble the number. Compared to all the poses I’ve done, this one is the most flattering so far. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apart from myself, there are plenty of other lovely, inspirational women who’ve done it, too.

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LA BOMBA WITH LA TACO.. ๐ŸŒฎ @jacquemus

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A post shared by DEVON CARLSON๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒˆ (@devonleecarlson) on

Whether you’re all covered up in a dress, dolled up for the gym or nearly baring it all in lingerie, the 4 flaunts all the angles and details that you’ve always wanted to show off in front of the lens.

5. The Partial Butterfly

I am not an avid yogi nor do I have the luxury to practice a bajilion yoga poses in front of my TV screen due to my desk job; however, the principle of the pose applies well to #ootd shots. Last week, I wore a pair of Cotton Citizen split leg jeans and I wanted to show off its super long hem. So, I thought that it’d be best if I do a half-butterfly pose. Sure enough, it was able to reveal everything from the sheen of my Amelie Pichard boots to the contrasting thread of my jeans.

Just recently, Kylie Jenner copied my pose.ย Will the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan follow suit? Who knows.

Which pose do you want to try next?



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