Layn down the law: are multisticks the new lipstick?

Stop the traffic: a new makeup brand is ready to disrupt your makeup game. As you are sitting inside the cab with no makeup on, what other way can you get ready as you’re running 20 minutes late to work?

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How to Rock NYFW Like an Insider


Got a bad case of stiff calves from wearing high heels for seven hours? Check. In the mood to grab a Pandol after hopping around town aimlessly? Double check. Need to put up a reminder on your calendar every day just to set up a time to leave your hotel room to catch a fashion show or party on time? Triple check.

Congratulations! You are officially initiated into the NYFW life. As one of the busiest periods in the city, nothing matters more than being able to keep up an incredibly tight schedule 24/7.

Regardless of whether you’re attending a fashion show, pop up event or party, there are so many opportunities where you can have fun and expand your network as you make new friends. Despite being a newbie to the NYFW game, you can live it up like you’re an insider!

Here are my top tips to surviving NYFW:

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The NYFW Starter Pack Tips You Need to Try

Welcome to the Empire State of Mind, where dreams are made in the city. With Labor Day weekend coming in to a close, you can feel the aura of the stomping feet, honking horns and the smell of freshly made coffee.

While your copy of every September issue you’ve ever owned says that you need to be in the mood for fall, truth is that it’s still fairly warm for NYC. In that case, you can pull out your oversized bell sleeved tops, ruffled skirts and other forms of summer clothes to mix and match with your sheer turtlenecks out in the streets. Most importantly, it’s never too late to play around with your closet before the snow comes.

As an NYFW veteran, I’ve had to say that my experiences made a difference in my life. Growing up, I idolized the glamour, glitz and creativity that sprung from the runways. Whether a celebrity, model or editor was dressed to the nines, I never forgot my moments of seeing them face-to-face (FYI, I’ll spill more on that later).

If this is your first time at NYFW, brace yourselves for the inevitable and always remember that everyone wants to look their best. Regardless of comfort, don’t even *think* about pulling out your college sweatpants!

While it’s easy to run out of ideas on what to wear, let me show you how you can rock NYFW.


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Freedom ’17: An Empire State of Mind


Image_HBGPhotography - 588Image_HBGPhotography - 580Seville Michelle choker (as bun holder)| Vintage Guess jacket | Vintage slip dress | Zara choker (as bracelet) | CC Skye wrap bracelet | Vintage Doc Martens

New York, I can’t let you go too soon. Although it’s been one year since I moved to the city and a few months since I moved out to Singapore, the spirit of being in NYC has always been with me. Given that I can’t call myself a New Yorker (yet!), it’s nice to be inspired by what you can wear when you’re over there.

Honestly, being in NYC taught me that I can’t give two fucks if I just sit there and play it safe in the fashion department. So, my approach to mixing decades, prices and all sorts of innerwear/outerwear have been mambo jambo thanks to the eclecticism of the city’s energy.

For NYFW, I am telling you that 99.9% of influencers, fashion bloggers and editors out there are going to wear some ’90s inspired fits this season. But as much as you and I LOVE the decade, y’all need to heed to this ‘cuz you can’t go too literal.

First things first, wear an actual vintage piece from the ’90s. To do this, always always always ALWAYS stalk through eBay! My top eBay hack is to be extremely specific as to which authentic vintage piece you want to find. Going through listings is like trying to find your friend’s number on your phone, but seriously, the hunt for the perfect piece is worth it!¬†Whether it be a denim jacket or a pair of Docs, use your new vintage find as your outfit’s foundation.

My other go-to tip is to dig through a vintage store. If you’re nowhere near NYC or LA, Etsy is the best option. If the internet ain’t your thang, hit up your local vintage store! (Or if you’re on tight budget, THRIFT!!) When I used to live in NYC, my main go-to for cool vintage is The Vintage Twin. I go there to find ridiculously sick vintage denim jackets. Regardless of the brand, always make sure that the jacket is actually from the decade you are searching for! As for my Guess jacket, it’s from the ’90s. So, I decided to give it that SUPER ’90s twist by pairing it with my vintage Docs.

If you need to go ALL the way to show your fangirl devotion to the best decade EVER, rock a slip dress. Seriously, this easygoing style is the reason why so many of your faves like Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Courtney Love swear by it. It’s sexy, yet ridiculously flattering as it can hide your food baby.

Given that it’s freaking NYFW, go all the way out with the jewelry! Bling or no bling, you need the jewels to keep your ’90s inspo ridiculously modern. Believe me, if you wanna stand out, try wearing jewelry in places where you don’t usually put it on – like your hair, for example. It’s a daring look, but I dare you to try it on until you see it yourself!

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All photos by Hallie Geller