Rosé All Day, Rosé All Slay

Thank goodness for not worrying about Monday. The weekend is officially here and I honestly cannot get any more excited about it. Two days ago, my dad just arrived from Jakarta and he brought in this package that was sent to me from this Insta-famous cosmetics brand, Rosé All Day.

As a lipstick freak, I love love love love LOVE the feeling of having a new shade THREE new shades! Packed in baby pink bullets, these lipsticks look like they’re meant to be instant classics. It’s no secret that every stock from the inventory flies out of the shelves (more appropriately, cart) on their website. If it had to be THIS good, I ask myself, is every single shade worth the hype?


IMG_5810 (1).JPG

Pop, the first of the three shades, is not your Mom’s red. So many red lipsticks out here kinda go on like this: it’s always either a blue, orange, pink or brown base. If having any undertones isn’t something that I want, I’ll pick up a true red, which basically has no base color. In this case, it has a reddish plum base with a slight browny-pink undertone. That type of combination is not an easy one to pull off as mixing SO many bases for one color can equal “muck” (FYI, this is my 1st grade art teacher’s favorite term for colors that get mixed in the water when you wash your paintbrush). But here, it actually gives me this poppin’ glow. It’s bold yet, muted and incredibly unique. So many big brands out there like Revlon and M.A.C. tend to make their shades too much of one tone that it doesn’t balance out the base color. While it’s gorgeous in person, Pop looks more pinkish in photos. Nevertheless, THIS is what I call a champion because there’s nothing out there that can create the perfect red like it.



If I have to compare Pop to Clink, it’s like comparing apples and bananas. Honestly, it’s that type of classic pink that I swear, looks SO achingly similar to my mom’s lipstick back in the ’90s. (Mommy, you need to bring this look back, please!!!) As much as I don’t like having any sort of lip color that’s too similar to what my mom has, I’m actually digging this color because it’s so freakin’ cute! Plus, it can go with literally anything AND everything your heart desires. Whether I change my wig, dress and/or shoes, this lipstick feels like it will never be mismatched. Even if you wear it in sheer, little blots across your cheeks or make it so subtle like a lip tint, you can tell that it’s still there. While it may look so similar to Ballet by Hourglass, Clink is more muted. Frankly, I feel like this is the type of shade that will look SO good on everyone and if you have never tried this before, you need to try it NOW. Believe me, you can thank me later. 😉



Last but not least, let’s not forget about Fizz! Unlike the others, Fizz is a quiet nude that likes to sit in the background. Unlike so many nude lipsticks you see on the ‘gram, this one is a bit more subtle as it’s a mix of ’90s brown with some pink undertones. Believe me, finding the perfect nude is a binch because it either usually turns me into the shade of a yellow color corrector or worse, a malnourished Simpson cartoon. But here, the goddesses at Rosé All Day have formulated this nude specifically for girls with yellow undertones. As I’m a bit more on the darker side (of the Asian skin spectrum), I can get away with this nude to fake my “no makeup” look. Isn’t that what I call the PERFECT nude? I swear, I’m gonna get HOOKED on wearing this now that I’ve finally found the best skin-based shade!

Color is more of a priority for me, but I cannot stress this enough on how important the packaging and overall presentation are. While it’s normally like a basic bullet, flip the tube at the bottom. You can open it up to reveal MORE color so that you don’t have to scoop out the last remaining bits of lipstick when you use it all up. It’s hard to open it, but the results are worth it. You can use this little pot to dip your fingers to dab some product on your cheeks. My top rec is to dab some on your eyes to create that soft watercolor look. It’s so ridiculously beautiful that you will never regret it. Thanks to its innovative case, the entire tube feels light to carry and sturdy enough to keep the product in place.

Speaking of scents and formula, this is EXACTLY like M.A.C.’s lipstick. From the vanilla scent to the opacity, Rosé All Day is no joke. Each time I swipe it on my lips, the color comes out SUPER DUPER opaque. So opaque that it’s denser than those 80 denier Wolford black tights that you swear by for winter. Seriously, I am NOT exaggerating when I say this!! The best part about it is that it’s paraben-free AND cruelty-free, which are crucial to me as I hate anything that harms my skin and animals.

Overall, Rosé All Day lipsticks are worth everything. Although it’s based in Jakarta, you can have it shipped to Singapore and Australia. Even if you are in the States or London, you can ask your friends to ship it to you. Believe me, you will never regret anything you purchase there as the price (165,000 rupiah) justifies the quality.

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