The Most Flattering Beauty Trend You Never Tried Before

Sorry, Yoda –  I busted your lightsaber. May the force be with my glow.

Cosmically hypnotizing and magnetizing, the bluish tones of my brand new glow leaves me feeling like I’ve been stuck in Alderaan. Although I’m no intergalactic princess, I can’t thank Make Up Store enough for giving me that lightsaber-esque glow. While the fabled sword only has one color, the Swedish cosmetic brand’s Satin Gloss and High Tech Lighter packs the punch with a multidimensional glow that feels super transcendental.

As someone who is obsessed with glowing skin and a whole lotta extra shimmer, I can’t resist joining the bandwagon for filter-friendly highlighter-esque beauty products. But before I go on, is it really worth it to indulge in this trend?

Verdict: 😋😋😋😋😋

Honey, I am officially shook.

For Instagram-famous beauty brands (e.g. Huda Beauty and Jeffree Star), their highlighters are super shimmery to the point where you look like a waxed Barbie doll. In the same vein, the highlighters that you see at Sephora (e.g. Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick, Kat von D’s Alchemist Palette and CoverFX’s Custom Enhancer Drops) focus on manufacturing a holographic glow that doesn’t allow the color to shift. However, Make Up Store doesn’t conform to clichés.

Instead of creating skin that only looks good on Instagram, the highlighter I’m rocking right now is a beautiful multipurpose stick that can be used on the eyes. Given that it’s SO pigmented to a tee, you can see a subtle blue-based shift inside the inner corners with the rest of the colors panning out form pink to red. I mean, isn’t Makeup Store’s founder Mika Liias a GENIUS?!

IMG_5569High Tech Lighter in Mars

As much as I want to praise his intelligence, it does not stop here. Speaking of highlighter esque-lip glosses, I have to say that this is the best. HANDS DOWN. Light, airy and non-sticky, the gloss coats my lips feel like it’s second skin. While it’s a great dupe for Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe in Moody, its sheer pigment helps it to enhance any matte color (FYI, mine is Bite Beauty’s customized dupe of Chanel’s Maniac).

IMG_5570Satin Lip Gloss in Bellflower

Speaking of its packaging and branding, I love how it’s completely unique. If you look at the lid of the lip gloss, the alligator-like embossing scales are actually close-ups of the human skin cell. In that sense, it refers to the fact that the brand is cruelty-free, which is something that I wish is more common for makeup brands sold in Asia.

If you want to find this brand, you can easily book a flight to Singapore and find it islandwide. Believe me, you won’t regret making your purchases there!

What do you think of the duochrome makeup trend?

DISCLAIMER: The products were given to me by Makeup Store as a review sample.

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