#JakartaBeautyHaul: Rollover Reaction

IMG_5258Rollover Reaction – Maxwell

Sorry, Kat, Kylie and Jeffree. A brand of liquid lipsticks has officially arrived in the game and it’s nothing else I’ve ever tried before.

Soft as cream, smooth as velvet and sweet as icing, this liquid lipstick feels like heaven. Packed with a tangy toffee smell, my nose can’t ignore the temptation to pile more layers on my lips! As I look at the mirror, the finish feels as soft as my vintage suede Roncelli jacket. Upon realizing that this is no standard-issue designer liquid lipstick, the maker of this good ol’ dupe is no other than Rollover Reaction, a Jakarta-based beauty brand.

Long before I tried it, my friend told me about the brand over dinner at Plaza Indonesia. As someone who is very up-to-date about the happenings in Jakarta, she took me to Rollover Reaction’s pop-up at the mall. Inside the store, a row of liquid lipsticks lined the table like neatly arranged salt and pepper shakers. With every shade of nude, brown, pink and red, it was hard for me to decide which one I should bring home. Given that I’ve never heard of Rollover Reaction, it’s one of those Instagram brands where you can only find it through the app or hear of it through your friend. As an Insta addict, every single shade looks good on thumbnail. But as a lipstick junkie, I wonder if buying something from a social media-famous brand is really worth the hype.

So, I’ve stuck around with Maxwell, a rose petal red that’s created by influencer Putricaya and illustrator Yfana Khadija Amelz. Knowing that I cannot find this anywhere outside of Jakarta, it’s like a “Michelle, just get it!” moment.

Before I continue, is an Instagram-famous product really worth the hype?


Verdict: 😋😋😋😋

Surprisingly, yes!

Speaking of liquid lipsticks, Maxwell stays on pretty well! There is not too much transfer from my lips to surfaces – apart from coffee cups and straws. Plus, the product doesn’t move to your teeth compared to Jeffree Star and Huda Beauty’s liquid lippies. As much as I love my lipstick to last, I hate it when it stains my lips. Thankfully, it’s SO easy to remove that you can’t get anything left behind! But, it’s not moisturizing nor is it drying.

Unlike any other liquid lipstick in the game, Rollover Reaction’s Suededi Sueded!* is GREAT to use on the cheeks! Just dab it and use a Beauty Blender to blend the product out. The craziest thing is that one shade is $9 USD!! #SHOOK 😱

(Seriously, this is the deal you do NOT wanna skip out on!)

Unfortunately, Rollover Reaction doesn’t ship outside of Indonesia. However, you can find it on Coma, a Singapore-based makeup store. (Sadly, it doesn’t carry Maxwell.) Just ask your BFF to get one for you. 😉

*FYI, the font is so small that I thought that it was Bahasa for suede!!

P.S. This is something new, but I’ve chosen not to edit my photos for this post as I want to show what the product actually looks like. I hate it when there’s SO much filtering to the point where the product looks extremely different IRL.

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