#HERSSENTIALS: The Basic Black Dress

image origial _ HBGPhotography - 223.jpgAmerican Apparel U-Neck dress |Vintage Moto jacket| Stuart Weitzman sandals | Chanel backpack | Wendy Brandes stud 

It’s Happy Hump Day Round 2! Look what I found in my closet: a basic black dress!! If I don’t have one, it’s because I was dumb not to invest in one. Everyone else, you and your mother says that you need to have a black dress. Yeah, so do I. I have to admit that I may sound kinda basic when I say this, but honestly, I have to come clean at the fact that I got 5% of basic in me. Speaking of basic, I have more than one white tee in different cuts along with some naked sandals in black and nude. Chokers and skinny jeans count, too. But when it comes to black dresses, there are endless options. If there is one black dress I am willing to pull out, it’s American Apparel’s U-Neck dress.

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Cool In The Summer: How to Layer During Warm Temps

image origial _ HBGPhotography - 145.jpgPrada bag | Vintage moto jacket | Nasty Gal x Courtney Love catsuit | The Vintage Twin reworked Nike shirt | Vintage Levi’s 501s | Creepyyeha belt 

Layers in the summer seem like the most unreasonable thing ever. Like, who really does that? The only layer you’ll need in the warmer climes is a jacket and that is only restricted to AC’d rooms. When you’re outdoor, it’s where the real action takes place – I mean that on the street.

If you really wanna wear layers in the summer, just buy a lace catsuit. Underneath any outfit, it can literally pop underneath your t-shirts and jeans. While peeing in it is hell for me and you, it’s worth getting that ‘gram. Let me guide you on the three #herssentials you need to pair with a lace catsuit:

A) The Graphic Tee

image origial _ HBGPhotography - 78.jpgChanel bag | Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals 

I hate to stick to the safest things in the closet, but a graphic tee is a must MUST. It’s literally the most timeless thing you can have in your closet whether it be a band tee or a regular ol’ Nike shirt. Graphics can also be accompanied by fun details like bleach splatters such as the one I’m wearing. Fitted graphic tees are cute, but if you have a slightly oversized boyish cut, it gives a lace catsuit a bit of an edge. Think early ’00s “Complicated” meets ’07 “Girlfriend” Avril Lavigne.

If you wanna take that look out on a post-work dinner, rock with your go-to jeans, belt, small bag and heels!

B) The Studded Moto Jacket

image origial _ HBGPhotography - 111.jpgCharlotte Olympia loafers | Wendy Brandes “Shaka” stud

Moto jackets may not seem so summer-worthy, but in some strange case, they actually are a hot summer staple for the coolest nights. It’s very Elle Fanning if you rock it out in the heat. If you live somewhere that’s a bit colder, this look can work.

For the girls that refuse to let go of velvet, pull out your go-to velvet shoes and make it pop with the catsuit! It’s dramatic, yet trendy enough to make the entire look more fashion forward than what it really is.

C) The Kimono

image origial _ HBGPhotography - 20.jpgimage origial _ HBGPhotography - 41.jpgVintage silk kimono | Chanel backpack

Swish, swish bish! The silk kimono is BACK!! Nothing else is more perfect than the kimono, which you can practically wear it all day long. It can go with a graphic tee, jeans, shorts, skirts, etc! As for the catsuit, it surprisingly complements it well. If your kimono comes with a sash, leave it at home or repurpose it into a skinny scarf! Seriously, you can fake the look like you got a whole new closet when you reuse things differently. 😉

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All photos by Hallie Geller

Party Time Excellent: The Strappy Sandal


Chanel Ankle Purse | Raye x NBD x Revolve Hunter Heels (worn throughout)

The sun’s rising, you feel the nice breeze and the temps heat up. No longer do you feel the need to bundle yourself up in a coat. No longer do you feel the need to step outside of the house looking like the Michelin Man. Instead of keeping your toes wrapped up inside your boots, you expose ’em out in the flesh. If there is one thing that will keep you on your toes at those rooftop and/or backyard parties, it’s the party sandal.

So, what exactly IS a party sandal? It’s a sandal where you can only wear it to parties. Whether it be at a trendy restaurant for your birthday or your BFF’s engagement shindig, you can easily slide them on or off! Wanna know my go-to sandal? It’s Raye x Revolve x NBD’s Hunter strappy heel!

What I really like about those Raye x Revolve x NBD sandals is that they can be easily zipped up as 1-2-3. If this is your first time ordering anything from the L.A.-based e-tailer, the sizes from Raye are true to size. However, these shoes are a little big on me even though I got them in my true size. Anywhere than that, you can put in your Dr. Scholl’s foot pads to keep your feet secure. Before I go on, what kind of party should you wear these shoes to!?

A) The Birthday Party

3B2A1600.JPG’00s Americade Tee | DIY Harley Davidson tee (underneath) | Bad Vibes Shorts 

Pause for a second. Can’t be bothered to wear a dress? Rock your favorite oversized tee with a choker neckline and velvet shorts! It’s SO rock ‘n roll luxe, yet incredibly sexy with hints of thotty chic (FORMULA: 90% class, 10% sleaze). I didn’t really throw on much accessories as I want you to imagine the look yourself, but put on some cute XL hoops or multiple ring stacks on your fingers!

B) The Theme Party

3B2A1563.JPGThe Vintage Twin Reworked Levi’s 505 bermuda cutoff shorts

Stuck in those #thowback moments? Get ready to RELIVE the decade you aspire to be in by simply channeling it. Despite being born in the ’90s, the decade I really grew up in was the 2000s. While you got your Paris Hiltons, Olsen twins and Nicole Richies, one of my go-to style icons back in the day was no other than Lindsay Lohan.

As the ultimate tabloid queen, she was never caught without a graphic tee (especially if it’s Harley!), leggings and the occasional ankle bracelet. Oh, did I almost forget that she once wore LEATHER BERMUDAS?! Man, 2006-2008 was a completely different time.

If you are ready to party like it’s 2008, throw on your favorite graphic tee, bermuda shorts, heels AND tiny purse!

C) The Graduation Dinner Party

3B2A1640.JPGRtA Lilou Dress

Girl, you finally finished school! Can you believe it?! After all that hard-earned money you’ve been saving up for a cute dress, splurge it wisely on a nice form-fitting beauty. In this case, RtA’s off-the-shoulder Bardot denim dress with exposed zippers is the one I swear by. Not to mention, it literally WRAPS my body like your favorite burrito at Chipotle. Seriously, nothing beats this dress when it comes to pairing these heels. As for accessories, follow this rule of thumb: if you want to rock a Bardot neckline, go for earrings. A hoop, drop or circle will suffice. Avoid chokers at all cost as it’s going to make you look like you just came out from 2016. Instead, you should reuse your choker and turn it into a bracelet! Lastly, just stack it on with MORE bracelets.

What looks will you try with a strappy sandal?

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All photos by Hallie Geller

OOTD: The Hump Day Look

3B2A1461.JPGCotton Citizen top | The Vintage Twin Reworked Levi’s bermudas | Pop and Suki bag 

Happy Hump Day, Varinaders! What’s up? Summer time is coming over and I literally cannot wait to show you how I rock the temps. Isn’t it so nice that I can finally wear shorts AND sleeveless tops?! Especially when I’m having a period, nothing else gets more comfortable than being able to wear them. Not to mention, it’s a good way to resort to being dressed down without having to rely on yoga pants.

As I want to walk around town, all I need is a cross body bag, a bracelet, trusty white sneakers and an iced coffee.

3B2A1463.JPGTod’s sneakers

What would you wear on a hump day?

All photos by Hallie Geller

Party Time Excellent: The Distressed Jean


’00s Levi’s 514 Jeans | Chanel lucite sandals

I am a denim addict. I buy, wear and hoard my jeans. If there is anything I live to collect, it’s going to be any pair of vintage denim. But in this case, I refuse to part away from my Levi’s. Speaking of Levi’s, they make the BEST jeans that sit on your gym-toned butt, hug your hips and make your legs feel like they’ve been there for DAYS. As brunch and post-work staples, Levi’s can literally translate well into any situation. But when it comes to parties, your trusty blues can be a hit or miss depending on the vibe of the location. As party season is about to begin, why not you break them out from your closet?

A) The “It’s Britney, bitch!” Look

3B2A1790.JPG3B2A1802.JPGVintage Wrangler jacket |Vintage rhinestone necklace | Mandalynn Teegan top

Remember that one time when you were watching Britney Spears’ “Toxic” music video? Channel her nearly-nude look with a “skin tone” bikini top and a whole lotta bling! For that ultimate Brit Brit IRL look, pull out your favorite denim jacket. See how cute it looks?! You can literally wear that from a Britney-themed ’90s night to her concert in Vegas. Dang, you can even TRY this look at Hangout! (I wish I can go to Gulf Shores, but you should ABSOLUTELY pack this combo on with flat lucite sandals in place of heels, an extra pair of shorts to change into in case your jeans get wet and some face jewels in place of a rhinestone necklace.)

B) The Ciara Circa “Goodies”-Inspired Look



Faux Fur vest designed by me and my grandma

Ok, who did NOT turn up to Ciara’s Goodies 12 years ago? When I was in 5th grade, my ex-BFF and I used to prank call our classmates with her landline. In the background, every single song from that album was playing. Man, I couldn’t forget that one time we prank called a male classmate while “Hotline” was on! Anyways…the point is that we shouldn’t overlook the relevance of Ciara’s influence.

Remember that one time she wore a bomber jacket as a vest? Well, it may not have gotten so much attention compared to whatever Paris Hilton was wearing, BUT Ciara was always on fire! And what did she wear with it? Low rise jeans and some gold jewelry. Here, you can cop my look with a bold faux fur vest and some sparkles – exactly like her (in spirit, though).

Compared to the Britney look, the Ciara-inspired look is more suitable towards post-work nights/early to late evening shenanigans. Believe me, you can literally get admitted to ANY club, bar and bowling alley without being questioned about your age. If you are to eat somewhere fancy, you can definitely try this look, but with cuter accessories. And if the dress code calls for something a bit more dressier, wear a mesh black bodysuit with a matching bra. Put on those ankle boots or strappy heels, then you’re good to go!

Which 2000s icon do you want to emulate? Why do you think her look is so iconic? Can’t wait to see you share your thoughts!

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All photos by Hallie Geller



What exactly is a closet without a Prada? Nada! A month ago when I went to Milan, my dad and I were looking for cute bags. Upon stumbling Prada’s window display, my eyes were crushing hard for that black and white crossover bag. While I also had my sights on a straw bag, I concluded that the first bag I saw looked like a better investment since it was something that I could see myself wear more frequently. The day after, it was sealed: I got the bag I wanted!

From there on, I’ve been wearing it non-stop whether it be for brunch, shopping or dinner. Let’s say that the obsession got wayyyyy too real. While crossbody bags are mainly seen as a weekend thing, you can actually squeeze it in on the weekdays!

A) The Coffee Date



Liana t-shirt | Reworked Emporio Armani skirt | Vintage necklace | Prada bag | Forever 21 choker (as bracelet)

This situation usually calls for a super chill outfit regardless of who you’re seeing. If you’re seeing that cutie from Tinder or your boss, a little professionalism in the looks department goes a long way. In place of the denim mini, wear a structured bag with a statement miniskirt. It’s cute AND polished as fuck. For that little glam girl in you, toss on a rhinestone/faux Swarovski crystal necklace and you’re good to go! Shoe-wise, pick a flat if you’re gonna walk around later or go for a daring heel with some socks if you’re gonna hail a Lyft.

B) The Concert 3B2A1881.JPG



Iro moto jacket | Liana t-shirt | Vintage dress

Whoever thought of planning concerts on a Thursday night is a genius. The day before Friday is the new Saturday. A couple of weeks ago, I went to an R5 concert at Gramercy Theatre, where they premiered their new EP New Addictions. It was my first time seeing them and by chance, I was just strutting around in a glitter tee and pink wig. I honestly never thought that I’d plan my outfit to match their new cover, where Rydel wears a pink wig. But if you’re going to a concert that isn’t R5, always throw on a leather jacket! It carries the Prada purse into something that’s casual enough to wear at sundown. Since most concert venues I go involve a LOTTA walking, I always wanna make sure that I remain hands-free if I’m taping the show on my Insta Stories. Thank Miuccia Prada for making my life easier.


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All photos by Hallie Geller



Minimale Animale bikini top| Reworked ’00s Harley Davidson muscle tee | Creepyyeha belt | Reworked Levi’s shorts

What’s up, Varinaders? It’s Happy Hump Day!!! My #wcw, Lana del Rey, once said that we can just ride. (Technically, I’m paraphrasing her lyrics, but you get the vibe…) Ever since that crazy ass music video of hers featuring old bearded biker dudes, I was super fixated on the whole concept of Miss del Rey’s desire for freedom. In that case, the biker gal image really fits with the whole concept right.

Truth be told, I really don’t ride motorcycles, but it reminds me a lot about that one time when I rode on one with my dad in Bali about 5 years ago. Anyways, if there is something I can’t live without in my closet now, it’ll be my beloved Harley tee, which I bought at the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles.

Initially, the tee was just a regular ‘ol basic one with sleeves and errthang. Then, I decided to cut it up by making it low-cut, cropped and sleeveless. Think of it as a sexy muscle tee, dude! Since it’s THE perfect summer staple, I can’t wait to show you how I rock it.


Tory Burch clutch | choker (worn as bracelet) | Tod’s sneakers

Before I continue, no outfit can be on lock without a few essentials. 😉

A) The Lace-Up Bikini Top


Okie dokes, the lace-up bikini top may sound like it’s wayyyyy more appropriate for the beach, but don’t let that restrict you. If you can’t be bothered to buy a lace-up top, try getting a lace-up bikini top that allows you to tie it into a choker. Two trends in one is basically tops. It’s perfect for the lazy girl who can’t fuck with jewelry.

B + C) Belt and Clutch


When in doubt, pile up on some accessories! Trade a cross body bag for a clutch AND a killer belt. When you’ve got a biker tee with cute shorts, these things class up the tough girl look. In fact, it’s so easy to wear this in the day and later, transition well into the evening with your girls at Catch!

C) White sneakers


Last but not least, the white sneaker is to DIE FOR!! Not only can it piece the outfit together, it’s a MUST MUST for every girl in the city. As a NYC resident, I need to keep my feet comfy when I’m walking 20+ blocks everyday. Thankfully, these Tod’s do city style justice. And on top of that, it can totally anchor the biker tee into an everyday look.


Tell me, how would you rock your favorite tee?

All photos by Hallie Geller

#HERSSENTIALS: Patched Denim Skirt


Rad + Refined shades |Rodarte necklace| Are You Am I top| DIY skirt | fishnet tights | Chanel sandals

Believe me, nothing has ever looked better than being able to rock a patched up skirt. Even when you don’t feel like saying anything, verbal patches are effective enough to ward off sleazy cat callers. (Ugh, that’s the one thing I have to deal with when I first moved to NYC!) While it feels SO tempting to plunk down $200+ for a new “reworked” style denim skirt, I am at my highest when I get down ‘n dirty to turn a pair of vintage Levi’s into a midi skirt. See how easy that is?!

Cutting, gluing and sewing may take time; however, don’t let that faze you. Even if patched denim feels stiff after you try to break into your new pair, you honestly shouldn’t feel intimidated to pull it out.

Here, you can throw on your patched denim and make it look elegant as 1-2-3! Top it off with a mean mug of iced cold brew.

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All photos by Hallie Geller

#HERSSENTIALS: The Gucci Loafer


Liana socks | Gucci Princetown loafers

Gucci, gucci, coo! Tell me, who isn’t in LOVE with Gucci’s Princetown loafers?! Although they’ve been around for the past 1-2 years, I just jumped into the game when my mom went to the Gucci store in Milan. Originally, these loafers were supposed to be for her friend. However, she wasn’t able to get them since Gucci ran out in her size. By fate, these furry cute (pun intended) loafers came in my size. The moment I tried them on, it was love at first sight. We were told by the saleslady that those were the LAST pair in store and all of Milan. I was floored. Truth be told, I never regretted having ’em in my closet!

I’ve worn them with shorts, jeans, bustier top, off-the-shoulder tops and just about anything. But here, I want to show you how YOU can make your magic work with a pair of statement shoes like these!

A) The Bad Gal


This look is unlike any other out there. Here, I tossed on my vintage bomber jacket, bustier top, shorts, pins, cross body bag, XL hoops and gray sunglasses. As you can see, this IS a look that you can fuck with as it’s the perfect balance between prim, sexy, sporty and edgy. If Bad Gal Riri herself wants to cop this, she is more than welcome to jack my swag! Seriously, it’s the look she wishes that she can wear.

B) The Snapdragon


Okie dokes, if you are wondering what the hell is a “snapdragon,” I’m actually referring to the Pamela Anderson movie. She’s one of my fashion and beauty muses, ICYMI. In that movie, she wears a cheongsam (body con dress with a high collar) that perfectly FITS her curves. Not only is it classic, but it’s totally sexy! When you throw on those loafers, it makes the dress feel like the perfect day to night staple. If you haven’t owned a cheongsam yet, buy one now!

C) The Number One Angel



If you are wondering what’s up with pairing loafers with socks, it’s because YOU need extra warmth during those chilly NYC nights! On top of that, it’s hella cute enough to rock it to your next concert. Last month, I went to a Charli XCX concert at Le Poisson Rouge and I felt SO inspired by her. The singer’s sporty sexy style inspired me to pull out my pink glitter socks, pink vintage Chanel skirt, moto jacket and Karameleon gold velvet bikini top. Ta-dah! If I have to describe this look now, it’s so angelic, yet daring. See, loafers don’t need to be saved for Sunday brunch!

Have you ever wanted to wear these Gucci loafers? If so, what do you plant to wear it with?

All photos by Hallie Geller

Party Time Excellent: Shades of Cool


Giant Vintage Mwah shades

Okie dokes, you know what this is….Festival season is still brewing up and while you may have missed out on Coachella, don’t fret! You can get your blue jeans and band tees, but the one thing you need is a pair of statement sunglasses. To me, no look is ever complete without one.

Speaking of statement shades, there are so many different types. Whether it be campy cute (e.g. kissy lips), glam (e.g. bejeweled flower shades) or classic (e.g. colored lenses), you need to pick your poison. If you are a Gemini like myself, you can do all three. But if you are any other sign that likes to stick to one thing, kudos for being able to have it together! (Just kidding, Geminis! You can wear one thing and get away with it.)

While a pair of statement shades is generally believed to be unwearable, you can actually wear it outside of a music festival!


Rad + Refined’s Flower Cat Eye shades


Garrett Leight x Clare Vivier shades

You see, you can go for a tomboy look, a bad and bougie vibe (FYI, I like the feeling of it, but I hate the song!) or channel your inner roller rink gal (i.e. knotted tee and high-waist mom jeans). It’s honestly not that difficult.

Have you ever tried on a pair of statement sunglasses before? If not, do you have any plans to purchase one?

All photos by Hallie Geller

P.S. The Garrett Leight x Clare Vivier shades I got were one-offs made for the NYC store. If you want to have the same pair, ask them to customize ’em for you!

P.P.S. My Rad and Refined shades aren’t sold in stores yet, but you can find other models by this awesome brand on Dolls Kill or their website!