Party Time Excellent: Mad Toppers

Ran out of what to wear? I’ve been through that. It’s always so easy to come up with the coolest outfits on some days; however, at other times, we often run out of what to wear. Sadly, that includes your foolproof heels, LBD and purse. Given that we are in a tricky weather situation, you are more than likely going to want to stay in all thanks to Storm Stella and her little sisters.

A) The Teddy Bear Fleece


Rad + Refined sunglasses | RE/DONE T-shirt | Uniqlo jacket | Vintage skirt | Rihanna x Stance socks* | Vintage bag | Raye x NBD x Revolve sandals

Who doesn’t wanna be your teddy bear?! Look no further than your beloved fleece jacket. Normally, a fleece is mean to be worn as a layering piece or on its own on balmy weather, but you can turn it into a fun party piece! With a pair of cute heels, lacy socks and a statement bag, you can never go wrong with turning your lazy day go-to into a day party staple. Speaking of sunglasses, Daylight Savings has begun and what better way can you think about shielding your eyes? Pull out your statement sunnies and you’re good to go!

If you’re heading to a fun girls’ brunch, try pulling all the stops for a pink on pink moment!

3B2A6008.JPGUniqlo jacket | RE/DONE t-shirt | Current Mood skirt | Miista shoes

As someone who cannot live without a daily dose of bling, I purposely left my look with not much bling. Try picturing this look with your go-to earrings and bag! See, I don’t have to do it for you, but I’m gonna let you try playing your own take on it.

B) The Fringe Jacket

3B2A6037.JPG3B2A6029.JPGDIY Jacket | Seville Michelle choker | Are You Am I bodysuit | Current Mood skirt

Have you ever had some moments when you just couldn’t decide what jacket to wear and you end up coming late to meet your friends? Well, I got a suggestion for you: try pulling out the loudest jacket in your closet. Not only is it super fresh, but it’s such a fun statement that’s not afraid to let it speak for itself. But as the late great Elvis Presley said, take care of your business. In that case, WEAR the jacket with your favorite go-tos. See how simple that is!? It’s honestly not that difficult.

What are your favorite dressed down party staples?

All photos by Hallie B. Geller


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