#HERSSENTIALS: The Graphic Tee

Who else is excited to finally shed down to one layer? Spring is coming up and I honestly cannot wait to break out my favorite basic: the graphic tee! A few other basics that go really well with a nice graphic tee is a satin jacket AND an oversized bomber tee. Both styles give out that vintage feel, which I have to admit adds more spice to anything that’s already filled with sugar, spice and everything nice.

Speaking of graphic shirts, it’s honestly so hard to find a nice vintage one that doesn’t look cheesy. In that case, you need to search for a sick brand new vintage-inspired tee that gives both the retro throwback feel AND the modernity of a nice cut. (FYI: vintage shirts that I find at thrift shops often tend to be men’s and their fit is more oversized. I always have to either alter it down or wear it oversized as a PJs!) Here, Valley High answered my wishes with their super slick Nirvana-inspired tee.

Given that graphic tees are super casual, here is how you can make it dressier:

A) The Satin Trucker Jacket


Vintage ’90s backpack^ | Galore x Missguided jacket | Valley High t-shirt *| Custom PVC Pants by Bebe Aguirre Designs* | Wendy Brandes ring | Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier shirt | Gianvito Rossi boots^*

Who does NOT love a satin jacket?! After all, the early 2000s and the late ’90s are really lit all thanks to the Internet kids who cannot live without the idea of singing along to Britney Spears. If it it’s a nice light color or a sweet pastel, Lil Kim would’ve MELTED over your jacket now. Channel your inner kid by throwing on a playful smiley face backpack with some grown-up items like a pair of lace ankle boots.

B) The Oversized Bomber



Vintage oversized bomber jacket^ | Mom’s Chinese purse | Valley High tee | Custom PVC pants by Bebe Aguirre Designs | Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier | Gianvito Rossi boots

You tell me, who’s hating on a bomber jacket now? Last year, it’s been the hottest trend and this year, it’s still going strong. Why, you ask? A bomber and tee go together like bread and butter. But if you are stuck on a bad hair day, pull out your pastel wig from Halloween and rock the hell out of it! I have never felt so much better after putting mine on.

C) Skinny Scarf and a Yeti Coat



Vintage ’70s coat | Valley High t-shirt | Pearl River Mart sash (from a robe) | Custom PVC pants by Bebe Aguirre Designs | Wendy Brandes ring | Gianvito Rossi boots

Ugh, isn’t this coat WAY too cute?! I seriously wanna snuggle in it all night long, even if it reminds you of that ‘lil mop-haired dog on the cover of Beck’s Odelay. While I dig a cute choker, I’ve decided to swap it for a skinny scarf for a modern take on the ’70s-inspired trend. Technically, you don’t even NEED to splurge on one as you can take a sash from your robe and wear it as one! Seriously, you can fool everyone into thinking that you bought it brand new at Forever 21. Talking about creating a killer look on a budget!

How often do you wear graphic tees and what will you style it with?

^Similar products can be found here, here, here and here!!

* Worn throughout

All photos by Hallie B. Geller

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