#HERSSENTIALS: Puff Puff, But Don’t Pass That Dutch

Transitioning to warmer climes from cold temps has never been easy, but the one thing you can’t pass up is a puffer jacket. Insulated with bird’s feathers, the puffer jacket is bound to keep you warm. While everyone out there in the city swears by a black puffer (myself included), the one jacket I’ve been wearing non-stop is my dad’s treasured Lucien Pellat-Finet weed jacket.

Frankly, it might a little too early for a 4/20, but you can’t ignore the fact that marijuana-themed clothes are my jam all thanks to my dad. When I was growing up, he’d be rocking über distressed jeans, flashy shirts, a blinged out cross necklace and loafers. When it came to colder climes, he’d splash out on super statement outerwear, which included Lucien Pellat-Finet sweaters and this puffer jacket. The funny thing is that he never smoked pot, but he wore the leaf proudly nevertheless. (NOTE: I have a feeling that he thought that they were maple leaves!)

One day, he told me to wear it as the temps were climbing down to less than zero. So, I did and now that it’s climbing back above zero, I’ll happily throw it on with anything! Whether it’s day or night, I always feel cozy in that thang. Talk about being better than a sweater!



Lucien Pellat-Finet jacket | Giant Vintage sunglasses* | The Candy Kids necklace | Are You Am I Bodysuit | DIY jeans


All photos by Hallie B. Geller

The Last Days of the Big Chill

The temps are getting warmer than ever and it’s a sign that a dream of spring has finally came! No longer are we stuck in the winds of winter, it’s time to take advantage of the last few days of the big chill. Even as the temperatures are creeping up, there are some winter-friendly options that can still work at this time.

A) Tangled up in Layers3B2A8832.JPG3B2A8841.JPG3B2A8861.JPG

Vintage jacket | Vintage hat | Uniqlo fleece turtleneck | Vintage ’80s Motley Crue tee | Uniqlo thermal leggings | Bebe Aguirre pants | Missguided shoes

OK, it’s still cold, but you need to bundle up. My classic bundle-up outfit – even when I need a t-shirt – always consists of a go-to turtleneck and thermal leggings. Thermal leggings and turtlenecks are mano a mano; however, it can get too basic! Top it off with your favorite band tee and patched up jacket that is guaranteed to have this “I may be cute, but don’t try me” type of vibe. It’s not a easy look to pull off, but I’m telling you, if you try this combo, you can make everyone believe that you are a Hadid sister.

B) The Velvet Dress


Uniqlo bomber jacket | Vintage Donna Karan dress | Miista boots


DIY jacket | Vintage ’90s dress from The Vintage Twin | Rihanna x Stance socks | Raye sandals

Technically, velvet is a fall to winter fabric; however, people still wear velvet in the summer. Even at this transitional phase, velvet is still cool enough to wear it out. These two velvet dresses are dramatic, but entirely different. My vintage Donna Karan velvet dress is more for that ’90s Sharon Stone girl who wants to get a little more basic. When worn with a bomber jacket, it’s fierce as fuck.

For velvet dress #2, it’s got that Sabrina Spellman vibe to it when paired with lace socks and sandals. If you think that going out in 10 degrees Celsius guarantees instant warmth, rock it with a denim jacket by all means. But if you are still feeling the cold, channel your inner Jordan Catalano by throwing on a shearling-lined denim jacket. Talk about cuteness AND warmth at the same time!

C) Faux fur3B2A6047.JPG3B2A6061.JPG

Rad + Refined sunglasses | Neo-vintage ’00s turtleneck | Reformation faux fur jacket | Vintage ’90s Versace skirt and belt | Fenty x Puma creepers

Ignore my Andy Warhol hair. Here, a double dose of faux fur never hurts. Try throwing on this look with a metallic turtleneck, faux fur chubby and a faux fur skirt! Faux fur is not a spring-friendly fabric, but if Rihanna does it (NOTE: her coat was real fur), please do it! Not only can it keep you warm, it’s perfect for those balmy nights. If you are feeling hungover from going too hard on Sunday, a pair of statement shades never hurt.

If you believe that these looks are hard to stunt in, fear not! Be free, live your life and most importantly, keep it #LivinLaVariNaDah!

All photos by Hallie B. Geller

Party Time Excellent: Mad Toppers

Ran out of what to wear? I’ve been through that. It’s always so easy to come up with the coolest outfits on some days; however, at other times, we often run out of what to wear. Sadly, that includes your foolproof heels, LBD and purse. Given that we are in a tricky weather situation, you are more than likely going to want to stay in all thanks to Storm Stella and her little sisters.

A) The Teddy Bear Fleece


Rad + Refined sunglasses | RE/DONE T-shirt | Uniqlo jacket | Vintage skirt | Rihanna x Stance socks* | Vintage bag | Raye x NBD x Revolve sandals

Who doesn’t wanna be your teddy bear?! Look no further than your beloved fleece jacket. Normally, a fleece is mean to be worn as a layering piece or on its own on balmy weather, but you can turn it into a fun party piece! With a pair of cute heels, lacy socks and a statement bag, you can never go wrong with turning your lazy day go-to into a day party staple. Speaking of sunglasses, Daylight Savings has begun and what better way can you think about shielding your eyes? Pull out your statement sunnies and you’re good to go!

If you’re heading to a fun girls’ brunch, try pulling all the stops for a pink on pink moment!

3B2A6008.JPGUniqlo jacket | RE/DONE t-shirt | Current Mood skirt | Miista shoes

As someone who cannot live without a daily dose of bling, I purposely left my look with not much bling. Try picturing this look with your go-to earrings and bag! See, I don’t have to do it for you, but I’m gonna let you try playing your own take on it.

B) The Fringe Jacket

3B2A6037.JPG3B2A6029.JPGDIY Jacket | Seville Michelle choker | Are You Am I bodysuit | Current Mood skirt

Have you ever had some moments when you just couldn’t decide what jacket to wear and you end up coming late to meet your friends? Well, I got a suggestion for you: try pulling out the loudest jacket in your closet. Not only is it super fresh, but it’s such a fun statement that’s not afraid to let it speak for itself. But as the late great Elvis Presley said, take care of your business. In that case, WEAR the jacket with your favorite go-tos. See how simple that is!? It’s honestly not that difficult.

What are your favorite dressed down party staples?

All photos by Hallie B. Geller


Party Time Excellent: Top Steady

Stoked for the weekend? You bet! I love a good party and I’m always down for sweet tunes, rad convos and most importantly, break out a fun fancy outfit. While party dressing has always gotten down to the formula of a nice dress, cute purse and sleek stilettos, it’s so easy to sit there and run out of ideas. However, you will never get bored when you #LivinLaVariNaDah!

A) The Mesh Top


The Candy Kids choker | Vintage ’90s Jean Paul Gaultier top | Marni Belt* | Tripp NYC skirt | Faux Fur stole | Vintage ’90s Heart Purse | Wendy Brandes ring | Gianvito Rossi boots

You know that you are bound to sweat in a small, enclosed space. You know that there’s going to be HUNDREDS of people cramped in the same room as you are whether it be at Le Bain or your local dive bar. Seriously, no look is going to fly without one. Speaking of mesh shirts, more is always more when you pair it with cutesy camp accessories! If you are bustier like I am, go for a higher-necked scoop silhouette that will reveal, but conceal. See?! Isn’t the perfect outfit waiting for you when you wanna rock a mesh top?

B) Band Tee



Spitfire sunglasses* | Vintage Nirvana shirt | Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier shirt (worn underneath), Custom made Bebe Aguirre Designs pants | Express choker | Wendy Brandes ring | Sugarbaby shoes

Sunglasses are completely optional (NOTE: it’s totally a-OK to wear ’em when you have really red eyes from PG-unfriendly activities), but a band shirt ain’t. Can’t get over the days when you sang along to Backstreet Boys in a hairbrush while wearing a shirt with their faces? Time to pull it out!

If you ever feel so intimidated to talk to new people, let the shirt do the talking for you. Not only can you break the ice beyond a small “Hi, how are you?”, you can end up making a friend for life! Seriously, what better way can you start a riot when you bring up your favorite band?! Buy a ticket, take the ride and get a shirt. Throw it on with some crazy pants, statement shoes, sick necklace and you’re good to go!

What are your favorite party staples? What is your first party outfit? Feel free to dish some tips!



All photos by Hallie B. Geller

#HERSSENTIALS: The Graphic Tee

Who else is excited to finally shed down to one layer? Spring is coming up and I honestly cannot wait to break out my favorite basic: the graphic tee! A few other basics that go really well with a nice graphic tee is a satin jacket AND an oversized bomber tee. Both styles give out that vintage feel, which I have to admit adds more spice to anything that’s already filled with sugar, spice and everything nice.

Speaking of graphic shirts, it’s honestly so hard to find a nice vintage one that doesn’t look cheesy. In that case, you need to search for a sick brand new vintage-inspired tee that gives both the retro throwback feel AND the modernity of a nice cut. (FYI: vintage shirts that I find at thrift shops often tend to be men’s and their fit is more oversized. I always have to either alter it down or wear it oversized as a PJs!) Here, Valley High answered my wishes with their super slick Nirvana-inspired tee.

Given that graphic tees are super casual, here is how you can make it dressier:

A) The Satin Trucker Jacket


Vintage ’90s backpack^ | Galore x Missguided jacket | Valley High t-shirt *| Custom PVC Pants by Bebe Aguirre Designs* | Wendy Brandes ring | Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier shirt | Gianvito Rossi boots^*

Who does NOT love a satin jacket?! After all, the early 2000s and the late ’90s are really lit all thanks to the Internet kids who cannot live without the idea of singing along to Britney Spears. If it it’s a nice light color or a sweet pastel, Lil Kim would’ve MELTED over your jacket now. Channel your inner kid by throwing on a playful smiley face backpack with some grown-up items like a pair of lace ankle boots.

B) The Oversized Bomber



Vintage oversized bomber jacket^ | Mom’s Chinese purse | Valley High tee | Custom PVC pants by Bebe Aguirre Designs | Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier | Gianvito Rossi boots

You tell me, who’s hating on a bomber jacket now? Last year, it’s been the hottest trend and this year, it’s still going strong. Why, you ask? A bomber and tee go together like bread and butter. But if you are stuck on a bad hair day, pull out your pastel wig from Halloween and rock the hell out of it! I have never felt so much better after putting mine on.

C) Skinny Scarf and a Yeti Coat



Vintage ’70s coat | Valley High t-shirt | Pearl River Mart sash (from a robe) | Custom PVC pants by Bebe Aguirre Designs | Wendy Brandes ring | Gianvito Rossi boots

Ugh, isn’t this coat WAY too cute?! I seriously wanna snuggle in it all night long, even if it reminds you of that ‘lil mop-haired dog on the cover of Beck’s Odelay. While I dig a cute choker, I’ve decided to swap it for a skinny scarf for a modern take on the ’70s-inspired trend. Technically, you don’t even NEED to splurge on one as you can take a sash from your robe and wear it as one! Seriously, you can fool everyone into thinking that you bought it brand new at Forever 21. Talking about creating a killer look on a budget!

How often do you wear graphic tees and what will you style it with?

^Similar products can be found here, here, here and here!!

* Worn throughout

All photos by Hallie B. Geller

#HERSSENTIALS: Over The Knee Boots

Winter, what’s good? After a month of frigid cold weather, snow and winds, being stuck out here in the winter is absolutely no fun! As the temps are now in an uphill battle between staying chilly like your fridge and room temperature, I literally cannot get any more excited for spring.

The one thing I swear by to knock that transitional phase out is a pair of over-the-knee boots. Like, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman type of boots. Back in her day, those type of boots were seen as racy and scandalous thanks to it being paired with a body con dress. Now, it’s the look du jour thanks to your favorite style icons (i.e. Rihanna).

Whether it be day or night, you can never go wrong with a killer pair of black suede boots.


Too lazy to pull on a tights and some extra thick turtlenecks? Throw on an oversized tee! As a 5’4″ gal, I absolutely DIG oversized tees as I can easily pass it off as a dress. Not only does it lengthen my legs, it makes it more day-friendly by covering up my figure. Toss on a backpack and you’re good to go!


Valley High t-shirt | Claire’s faux nose ring *| Vivienne Westwood backpack | Marina Fini earring (worn as charm) | Wendy Brandes ring* | Marc Jacobs boots*


It’s a completely different story than the day; however, you can never go wrong with going a little more sexier. Never be afraid to show more skin in a sweet sexy ‘lil slip dress. With satin and lace, you can never go wrong. When it’s cold out there, throw on a slick bomber jacket! As long as  you have your cards, cash, lipstick and keys, your night is set. 😉


Vintage ’80s bomber jacket | Wicked Hippie choker | Betsey Johnson slip dress (circa 2002) | Vintage ’90s Barbie bag

See how fire that look was? Talk about the perfect mix of being sexy, yet covered. Leaving  a bit of modesty adds more imagination and flair that is very unexpected. Also, don’t forget to bring out some playful elements, too! It never hurts to pull out your favorite bag that you’ve worn in your childhood or wear your mom’s vintage costume jewelry. After all, shouldn’t fashion be more fun?

SIMILAR: Seychelles Sardonyx Boots

*= worn throughout

Kylie, What’s Good?

I may not have the time to slide in her DMs, but I love some Kylie Cosmetics shades. Although I’ve already mentioned it previously that I am not a fan of Miss Jenner personally, I can’t help the fact that I secretly dig the way she markets her makeup and the aesthetic of her line. Given that she knows what’s good, I have fallen for it. Even though I am not willing to purchase anything from Kylie Cosmetics due to the harsh reviews, sweatshop allegations, no refund policy and lack of security, I just want to play it safe by buying dupes of her line.

I know that it’s way past summer 2016, but three of my favorites from the Kylie collection are Ginger, Maliboo and Kristen. They may align themselves to the nude and red families, but they are unlike no other out there. Ginger has that warm terra-cotta tone to it that’s so 1990s whereas Maliboo is more of a grayish nude that’s SO 2010s. Kristen is described as a beautiful strawberry shade and given that I LURRRVE the fruit, I’ve always wanted the shade on my lips. In that sense, the shade’s color is more like the inside of the strawberry than the outside.

Speaking of dupes, I’ve done my homework by looking into All in the Blush and Dupe That, which are my go-to guides for Kylie dupes. If dupes are always thought to be the closest copy of the real deal, are they really accurate?

L to R: Row 1)  Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Chinchilla and Melt Ultra Matte Lipstick in Laced, Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in Texas Toast, MAC Lip Pencil in Spice and NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim; Row 2) NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim, Kat von D Liquid Lipstick in Berlin and Lipstick Queen Shine in Black Shine*, Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble

Well, only one of the three dupes turned out to be accurate! In case you missed it, I had to dupe the dupes here since I wanted to see how closely it looked to the original Kylie shades. Frankly, the only Kylie Lip Kit shade that’s easy to dupe/copy is Maliboo. I guess that purplish tone is very universal; hence, its ability to be able to be read well on so many different skin tones. Given that I am slightly more golden, the Tarte lip paint and my own custom blend give off the same exact color that’s close to the real deal. (FYI, please bear in mind that these photos were done without a flash! I am basing this off on the swatches on Kylie’s hand.)

Unfortunately, the dupes for Kristen and Ginger didn’t read too well on my skin. It was very very close, but no cigar. What I had to do here was to make my own custom blend. For Ginger, I figured out that since it had a brownish base with hints of pink, I took out my Spice lip liner and it worked! I created the perfect color for myself. It was more easier to dupe Ginger compared to Kristen, which was a bit more difficult for me. Personally, it took me at least 3 tries before I got the perfect color. With Kristen, it had a brighter pink base compared to a rosy brown, which was what Bumble was based off. To offset the brightness of Berlin, I had to dab on some sheer black lip gloss, which really helped to darken the lipstick. Black lip glosses are an investment as it can make a lip color dramatically darker. Sadly, there is way too little in the market and the perfect dupe for the one I’ve used is from Etsy. Go easy on it, but it’s gonna be worth it.

Have you ever tried making your own dupes? Tell me more and feel free to share!

*The product is being discontinued as Lipstick Queen no longer produces it