2017 Golden Globes: The Experimental Classics

Awards season is officially back in full swing and there’s nothing else better than the Golden Globes to kick off the festivities! With a new year, there’s gotta be a room for new silhouettes, right!? In this case, the Golden Globes has certainly proven me right.

For the past few years, the fashion game at the Golden Globes was SO boring after seeing the same old clean, lean and mean minimalist silhouettes that have dominated the red carpet since 2011. Did you even remember when you saw Jennifer Lawrence in that cutout Dior red dress last year? 😴😴😴 Talk about being utterly forgettable!

Although the Golden Globes are considered as a “warm up” for the Oscars, what’s so great about it is that you have more chances of seeing fresher silhouettes crop up on the carpet. Here are my top picks for the best in the game!

Sophie Turner, Janelle Monae, Nicole Kidman, Priyanka Chopra and Evan Rachel Wood KILLS it! What better way can I sum up their outfits?!

Speaking of the extremely experimental, I absolutely dig Evan Rachel Wood’s Altuzarra tux. It’s refreshing and edgy without trying too hard. I LOVE how she makes the suit look so red carpet appropriate! (Fun fact: I wore a tux to my senior prom way before ERW did that. 😉)

If I have to choose between mullet skirts, asymmetrical panels and cutout shoulders, I’d have to go along with Nicole Kidman’s Alexander McQueen number. It’s super duper classic, yet incredibly modern. Cutout shoulders are incredibly tricky and no one can do it better than her. As fellow Geminis, no one can do #shouldergame just like us.

For second place, it’s a hardcore tie between Sophie Turner’s Louis Vuitton batwing-esque dress with a sheer panel and Janelle Monae’s Armani Geena Davis dress. Turner’s is sleek, slightly stark (pun intended) and bold with a capital B. While it’s quite out there, it still remains classy. 😎🍸

On the other hand, Monae’s dress has that 1950s boatneck silhouette, but the polkadot mullet skirt is what makes it exciting. If it’s a mini, it’s too cocktail-y for the red carpet. But if it’s a full gown, it’s at risk of looking dated. Safe to say, Maeve Reilly (a.k.a. Monae’s stylist) is the only one who can let the singer/actress pull off this look. I mean, you NEED to check out the hair! It’s literally decorated with PEARLS!!! Talk about the balance of class and camp; playful and serious; safe and experimental.

Last but not least, let’s not overlook the classics. Usually, classic is the way to go; however, it can look basic. And I mean that in a REALLY bad way. But, the one person who’s slaying at the game is Priyanka Chopra. Amongst all the Bollywood actresses who have crossed over to Hollywood, how many can do it like Chopra? Her Klimt-esque Ralph Lauren dress truly seals the deal. It’s practically sexy without being slutty and classic without looking dated. While metallic dresses can run the risk of looking cheap and boring or extremely minimalistic, Chopra’s dress has this oomph when you realize that her dress got some mosaic-like deets. E! may say that her dress sucks, but they’ve missed the mark on how the deets have a subtle reference to her Bollywood roots. Not many actresses do this and that’s what makes me love Chopra’s dress even more.

What do you think of those dresses? Who are your top favorites?

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