Huda Beauty: the BEST beauty brand you seriously need to know

It’s the new year and there is no other excuse to contain yourself. Except when it comes to makeup.

Last year, I’ve gone on a beauty binge by snapping up Nyx lip glosses on the sole purpose of having Kylie Jenner‘s lip gloss dupes. I even went this far to buy Kat Von D liquid lipsticks just to have the “most coveted” shades – Lolita and Lolita II – in my freaking drawer. Not to mention, I’ve snapped up tubes of Milani just to cop that Kylie metallic liquid lip look. (Even though I’m not a fan of Kylie personally, I really do like her makeup shades, which is something I probably shouldn’t admit!) From then on, I tried to make myself pinky swear that I wouldn’t buy any makeup this year. Until now.

A few days ago (on New Year’s day), I just snagged some liquid lipsticks from Huda Beauty. While so many of you are familiar with Kylie and Kat, get ready to add Huda Kattan to your list. This Dubai-based makeup artist and vlogger made it big by selling hand-designed false eyelashes, lip liners (a.k.a. Lip Contours) AND liquid lipsticks. It was absolutely no joke to miss out on something local.

So, I grabbed at least 5 tubes (the rest were for my mom) and I threw them into the basket. Before I can continue, I was being pushed around by a flurry of women trying to grab them and the poor Sephora sales ladies had to go through a torture of endless requests for each and literally, every shade. I’ve never had to deal with this at any other Sephora in Singapore, LA and NYC. Only in Dubai did I ever deal with people going crazy for a tube of liquid lipstick!

Now that I’m back in Singapore, I’ve tried out 4 out of the 6 shades that I got in Dubai.

Here is me wearing Venus (mauve-based brownish nude):


P.S. My mom took this photo!

Bombshell (pink-based Bardot nude):


Trendsetter (that mushroom-y brown you need to have!):


Icon (brownish red berry):


Verdict: 😋😋😋😋

I shouldn’t say that I like them because liking these liquid lippies aren’t enough. In fact, I love them!

Formula-wise, they’re extremely similar to Kat von D’s, but it’s way thinner and has a nice runny consistency that can be controlled with a single swipe. While Huda Beauty claims that their formulas are transfer-free (i.e. not running everywhere!), it’s easy to get it on your teeth if you unintentionally apply too much. (This happened to me while I was wearing Icon!) And if you happen to have a ceramic mug, bits of it can go on it if you drink your H2O.

Must I say that they’re extremely long-wearing?! Each shade can last through an entire meal, a swimming sesh with a dolphin and drinking countless bottles of water. Man, they’ve certainly outlasted all the guys I was seeing! (To all the guys that I went on dates with, you know who you are… 😉) Seriously, Huda Kattan was NOT JOKING when she made this formula!!

And if you must ask me what this lipstick smells like, it kinda smells like Banana Boat’s coconut-tinged tanning oil to what some say, smells like cake batter. I may have a different “nose” for detecting scents, but Huda Beauty smells like a freaking vacation!

Last but not least, here’s the real winning perk about Huda Beauty: each shade can be easily mixed! This isn’t something I see in Kat von D or Anastasia, whose shades are practically NOT mixable. If you wanna copy Lolita II without spending it on a new tube, you can easily mix Icon with Trendsetter. Ta-dah!! Isn’t the legendary Ms. Kattan a genius?! And if you wanna create the ideal nude, try mixing Bombshell with Venus. Given that I have a hard time finding the perfect “nude”, I can’t thank Huda Beauty enough for giving me the opportunity to do that. Since so many “nudes” out there are simply either too beige, pink, brown or extremely yellow, I’ve never felt too washed out whenever I wear it.

Will I restock if I run out? Yes. If you have never heard of Huda Beauty and want to try it, y’all gotta catch ’em all!

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